Thursday, April 18, 2013


With the horrific events in Boston earlier this week and now the terrible explosion here in Texas last night, it just doesn't feel like a day to be inspired.  

Instead, our hearts are heavy.

We've seen the worst in people with the bombing, but then we are lifted when we see the best of people with the first responders and ordinary people who stepped up to help those in both Boston, Massachusetts and West, Texas.

We are thinking of those who have lost someone.

Hug someone you love today.


  1. We have had so little rest this week, nationwide... and now this terrible tragedy. This time it was the good people who first responded who bore the cost, and the families devastated they left behind. Our prayers are with all of you in Texas this morning!

    1. Amen...the first responders paid the price, just like those brave men and women on 9/11 that ran into the towers while everyone else was running out. So sad to watch all of this on TV.

      Thank you!


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