Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Duck eggs

This past weekend, 2nd Family gave us our usual gift of fresh farm chicken eggs (two dozen!).  But this time, they also gave us something else:
one dozen duck eggs!  They have two ducks who lay almost daily. 

We've never had them before and they are fascinating to look at.  It's hard to tell in this picture, but they are a different color than white eggs, sort of a creamy beige color.  They are also slightly larger (the cover of the egg carton barely closes) and, as you can see in the photo below, they are covered in a waxy sort of coating that gives them a slightly duller appearance.

We've yet to "crack" into them but looking forward to trying them.

Anyone else eaten fresh duck eggs?

Any differences in taste?

Best way to eat them?

Duck eggs up close


  1. i love duck eggs! i fry them in good butter and eat them over toast. i think they taste a bit richer than chicken eggs. lucky you!

  2. I use duck eggs just like I use chicken, they are much bigger and I think taste great, it's why I just got two new ducks yesterday. I order "jumbo" size cartons to be sure that they close over the eggs.

  3. I've used them exclusively in baking and in recipes since they are slightly "thicker" in consistency from chicken eggs. They perform beautifully this way.

  4. Duck eggs are delicious! I love to use them for baking cakes, pies,and cookies.

    Enjoy your eggs!!

  5. Pats for baking.....I have at least three duck eggs a day laid....and never really use them myself unless I need to make a cake...... Eaten like poached or scrambled they can be rather rich

  6. They are very rich, slightly salty (yolk especially) and wonderful in baking! I get them from local farm for holiday cooking :)

  7. They seem to give cakes & baked goods a better rise. I love eggs, but I find duck egg to be to rich when eaten plain. Try them a least once cooked as you would normally. You might find you like them. If not, then you know just to use them in baking.

  8. Duck! Duck! Duck! hee hee I have a friend that loves them. Very rich!

  9. They are great to cook with as well.

  10. I remember eating duck eggs as a kid, and while I don't remember exactly what they taste like, I do remember liking them a lot. I want to include ducks when I get my farm underway so I can have duck eggs as well as chicken eggs. :)

  11. Duck eggs are awesome! They are a bit richer, but I like to use them to make fritatas. They can stand up to stronger flavored veggies and whatnot mixed in there. Have fun!


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