Thursday, April 11, 2013


Beehives surrounded by flowers, image courtesy of
As I have the fence built for the garden, and I'm preparing things for the future, high on my list is a beehive.  I always seem to see them in a nice little neatly cleared area.  Not too long ago, I ran across this photo on a gardening forum and it really appealed to me.

I think what I like most is that it's sort of natural looking.  They aren't all lined up in a row and there aren't neat tidy beds, they are just sort of sitting there in the midst of all the flowers (Cosmos? I think?).  I'm sure the bees love it too.

Hope you are having a great week, tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. my dad had bees and the hives never looked like these. I've even seen them purple.

  2. I think this is the best idea I've ever seen for beehives! You always see them sitting alone in the middle of a pasture or something... is that really what they like? I love that they are surrounded by the flowers here.

  3. My Dad went to a very informative seminar about bees, here in Houston. He built a bunch of hives for them, and is waiting for his bees to come the first of May. If you are interested in the seminar that he took, I can get you the name. It was over by The Heights, I think.

  4. Until very recently I was scared poopless of Bees, wasps and infact any bug like thing.
    However gardening has forced me to overcome my fear of Bees as I need them and with this in mind I've been having thoughts of setting up a beehive. Once I get over the sheer amazement that I actually am thinking of bees in such a friendly manner I am going to look into learning everything I can about them - if I'm actually THAT brave of course.
    Can't wait to see yours up and running in the future.
    Thanks for sharing


  5. Never saw a bee hive like that, love it and the setting. And yes, I think those are cosmos:)

  6. Just beautiful! And a much needed scene on this snowy blustery day!

  7. That is so pretty. And it does look natural. I have always wanted bees. I love them. The honey guy who sells honey at the market in Chattanooga, is retiring and selling all his hives. And I am getting one!!! We were supposed to go tonight, but we are in the midst of a crazy storm here. So will have to wait til tomorrow now. And I was SO close. I have just about stopped mowing my front yard because of the dandelions. I'm planting all kinds of flowers and bushes. So exciting. I hope you get your bees some day too. They are amazing.


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