Friday, April 5, 2013



I've been going back and forth on this decision for a few weeks.  I really hate to do it, but after yesterday, 48 spam comments, and today, 37 spam comments, I'm just tired of trying to manage all that.  Most get caught by the filter, but some come through into my moderation queue and ALL go to my mobile devices as 'new mail'.

A few days ago, another of my favorite bloggers, Annie's Granny, did the same thing for the same reason and many other bloggers have also done it. I wish Google would do something to help us out, apparently they are aware, as their user forums are filled with posts on this very topic.

It's frustrating because I have several of you who leave the nicest comments but you are listed as anonymous.  I hope you'll find a way to still comment. I am going to turn off moderation for the most recent posts, so maybe that will help make commenting easier in general.  We'll have to see how that works.  I'm definitely not going to the word verification, it's just too hard to figure out.

So I'm going to try this out and see how it works.  If you are one of those that visits and doesn't have an ID that you can use but you normally use anonymous, PLEASE don't stop coming.  I am trying to find a widget or some other software that might help with this.  Just keep checking in, you'll see it here first when I find something that works.

Thank you all!


  1. Sorry about the spam. Hope you find something that will take care of it. Have a very nice weekend.

  2. Good idea - I'm going to do that too. Way too much spam lately

  3. Welcome to the club. It's too bad it had to come to this, but I don't know what else we can do.

  4. I have nowhere near the number of pageviews you do, but I still get spam. Strangely, most spam messages are not going to my most recent post but to one particular post from about a year ago. That post is about an old washing machine, of all things, just my typical, laid-back, nostalgic kind of post. I think the spammers must have a way of finding posts with the most views, and once the chain starts, it escalates.

  5. I am sick of spam and do not get as much as you. I am thinking about going to no anonymous, also. I am going to put a sentence where you welcome comments, saying that I will publish any comments sent to my email. If anyone wants to send me an email, I will gladly copy and paste to a comment for people. How do you think that sounds? Anybody? I will not go to word verification, either.

    Can you find a widget like the one where the commenter does a simple math problem to prove they are not spam? Ex: 3 + __= 5. I would love any simple widget you can find IF you would tell me where it is. Love your blog. Why do you not have the url option for commenting?

  6. Do you know that to my knowledge, I have only had TWO spam comments in 3 1/2 years? Having said that, I'll probably be spammed to high heavens this weekend. I've noticed it more and more on blogs in the last two weeks so I wonder what's going on.

  7. I know what you mean. I had to do this very same thing because of spam. It was getting crazy. And I have noticed on a few other blogs the anonymous craziness. So I don't blame you at all. I don't like the word verification and I don't think mine does that. I just get emails and then I publish. Like dianefaith, I had one particular post that had 8 posts from spam. I just went ahead and deleted the whole post. And it was a good one.

  8. I believe every Blogger is getting hounded by anonymous people from other countries. I left the moderation on but did away with the crazy word verification. It works for me, I can still moderate through blogger or on my phone.

  9. I threatened to stop blogging once for some anonymous comments. Not having a load of followers, trust me, I've had some pretty raw comments. Silly of me to blame everyone for one or two trolls. I shut my anons off and keep with the moderation. Works well enough. However, I've somehow managed to stop blogging as much as I used to. I wonder if it was those nasties that have turned me off?

    Anonymous :)

  10. Had to do the same on my blog recently. Now, if only I could figure a polite way to get my mother to lay off the excessive commenting, I'd be golden. Love your blog & journey. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. I've had the word verification on mine since I started it(not that I really have a lot of readers or comments lol), but I may just to the moderation thing since no one likes the word verification.

    1. Most of the time, the word verification is too hard to read. A lot of my friends, followers and myself won't attempt a comment with it enabled.

  12. Spam comments have increased on everyone blogs recently..blogger is a pile of ----

  13. I've got rid of it off one of my blogs as I was getting loads of spam comments. I also made it so I had to have a look when the comment was on a post older than 14 days as these seemed to be the ones they were targeting.

  14. I just don't get how y'all keep getting so much SPAM. I don't have word vert either, and well...I think our blogs are set up the same, but mine is without ads - perhaps the Spammers don't love me as much? ::giggling:: Ah well. I agree with you that you have to do it.

    Here's the thing - my husband [Pooldad] doesn't have a blog, but does have a gmail account. He signs in with his Google account and comments on my blog all the time. So it is possible to still remain Anonymous and comment. You just have to go the extra step and create a throw away gmail account with a incognito user name [like "Pooldad" hee]. Good luck. I am positive your comments aren't going to go down - we all love ya' too much.

    Have a great week. Enjoy! Skippy


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