Sunday, April 28, 2013


The weather yesterday was a disaster.  Parts of town had 8 inches of rain.  Hundreds of cars underwater and crazy hail, so much that it looked like snow.  It rained from about 10am until early this morning.

Flooded highway Houston, image courtesy of
I did manage to get a haircut and I stopped by the feed store we have near our neighborhood (awesome to have an old style feed store in the shadow of downtown Houston).  They sell only heirloom plants.  So I picked up some more herbs and veggies.  I'm going to have to baby them in town until I can get them in the raised beds.

Today, I went to the farm when the rain stopped and checked things out.  All was good, no damage, but the ground was VERY water logged.

I got to see the fence in person, let me tell you, it's amazing.  I know I know, where are the photos?  Well, the inside, and around the beds, is about 2 feet tall in grass!  The plan was to borrow 2nd Family's push mower and mow and edge the garden area yesterday and then get the plants planted today.  But alas, I couldn't.  So I guess you could say, it's not exactly ready for it's closeup.

Sunset Boulevard Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Today, I also moved the apple tree I planted a couple of weeks ago.  I found out from 2nd Family's "R" that I planted it on top of the leach field for the septic tank.  Oops.  Then I moved one of the pear trees, I was also told by "R" that it was a bit close to the overhead power line and the electric company has a 10 foot right of way on each side of it.  I was about 10 feet away on this one but I figured why not move it another 10 feet just to be on the safe side. I'd hate to have it grow for the next 5 years then have them come make me cut it down.  One advantage, with the excessive rainfall, the ground was easy to dig.

Lastly, I was able to get the herbs planted in the herb bed and here they are:

Herbs in a square foot garden
I'll have more on them later, but some were grown from seed in containers in town and the others I bought much smaller from the local feed store and babied them for the last two weeks while the fence was being built.
Still have room for a few more, just didn't get them all in.

Hope your weekend was productive!


  1. The herbs look great! Can't wait to see the fence!
    BTW, I'm now obsessed with getting some fruit trees- and it's all your fault!

    1. Hey hey! The fence will (hopefully) be ready for it's blog appearance after this weekend. I need to mow inside of it, edge around the raised beds, and then mow around the outside. Then it will nice. Plus I hope to get the veggies in the soil this weekend too.

      Fruit trees are fun! I hope you get some!

  2. Isn't it nice to grow your own herbs and then pop outside to pick some for cooking.
    I spoke with my mother yesterday and she tells me that our lemon tree has thirty lemons on it. I wish we were there to pick some!
    I'm glad that no damage occurred to your property. Those violent storms that throw down water in that way can be so dangerous.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures!
    Bye for now

  3. I saw the photos of all that water....just heart wrenching for those people. Am so glad you were able to move those trees with ease. Can't wait to see the fence. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Glad to hear you had a productive weekend despite the rain, rain, rain! Wanna send some our way???

    Your herbs look great! Congrats on getting 'em in!


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