Thursday, June 12, 2014


Farm pond, image courtesy of:
One thing that is definitely on our list for the farm property is a pond.  We actually have a pond site on the acreage, it's a natural depression in the land that stays filled with water when we have regular rains...though I must say it looks nothing like this, ha.  We love the way this one lies next to a driveway, and of course it's got the split rail fence that I've always loved as a fence option.

I'll have to snap some pics of our site.  It's very hard to get to (and probably very snaky) so I'll use the telephoto lens and get 'close' that way.

Hope you are having a good week.  Our office building at work has been without air conditioning all week.  It's been miserable to say the least (our daily temps are in the 90's).  Hoping it's fixed today, but I'm not getting my hopes up.  Eight hours in a hot office with fans is just not conducive to work, ha. 


  1. i like the split rail fence, also.
    hope your AC is back on

  2. Very pretty.

    Hopefully those fence posts are sunk into bedrock or hectic concrete so that they don't rot or sink into the mud LOL

  3. I love the look of ponds but we have always avoided putting one in as they attract snakes. Thankfully the neighbours have a huge dam that we can see from the house so we pretend this is a lake and talk about our 'water views'. LOL. We do dream of some day having a dam in our gully with the driveway crossing along the dam wall and either a small island in the middle with a little bridge or a mini wharf. We'd have to win Lotto big time for all of that but you gotta dream.

  4. What a lovely pond! So peaceful and calming. I know y’all’s will look just as beautiful someday!

    Hope your AC at work gets fixed soon! Makes for very miserable working conditions. I grew up without AC in SE Texas - how did I ever survive without it?! Makes me really appreciate it even more now.

    Texas Rose

  5. For your sake I hope they have switched to a very casual dress code in the heat. My AF friend told me that when the British were stationed in Houston before ac was used in government office buildings, they drew combat pay because it was so hot and humid that no one wanted to be in Houston.

    I do know that ponds cannot be built just anywhere. If they are lower, they will "turn over" and everything in them will die. The water is nasty and stinky. A pond would be sooo nice.

  6. A friend of ours has a large pond in their backyard, which was one of the reasons why they bought the property in the first place. One day when we were visiting, they told us about a big black snake that had taken up residence near the water's edge and built a nest. That's when I thought "Big pond in backyard - no thank you." :)

  7. One word about your office AC: OSHA. :)

  8. I am in the state to your east, and I would like to second the snake thing...I have a pond and I love my pond, but it does draw water moccasins, which are poisonous. You just need to be observant when you're near it.

    I would definitely NOT put it too near your house.


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