Thursday, June 26, 2014


Bee garden, image courtesy of
This is a picture of a bee garden.  I don't know the backstory so I'm not sure where the beehive is or perhaps it's just grown to attract and take care of bees that come from somewhere else.  Either way, it's pretty.  We hope to have something like this eventually for our future bees.  I've always liked the look of a random jumble of flowers, different colors, textures, etc.

It just looks so much more natural and random and carefree.  Well, not literally carefree, I know they require a lot of attention, ha.

Be inspired!


  1. What a lovely picture! I love the patchwork-quilt-look of the various flowers and colors.
    I’ve never heard of a bee garden but it makes sense whether for food for your own bees or just to attract pollinators to your garden. That gives me an idea - plant some “bee-candy” flowers around my vegetable garden and fruit trees to entice bees for better pollination. I already try to incorporate bird-friendly and butterfly-friendly flowers and plants into my landscape - now I’ll add bee-happy ones also!
    Great inspiration photo!
    “Don’t worry, ‘bee’ happy”!

  2. sigh. I love the random jumble of flowers look as well. I no longer have the energy or stamina I used to. So I admire others from afar :D

  3. What a great idea! I like that it's fenced off too, If I were too do something like that in my field AND fence it off, it would ensure the Mr. didn't accidentally take it out with the mower. Plus it would offer sanctuary of sorts for crawly critters in addition to feeding the bees and hummingbirds.

  4. I have short lengths of 112-yr-old beaded board that would make a nice fence. The paint is peeled so it looks nice. I need flowers in a corner of my yard where nothing is growing AND it gets light. The tall purple-flowering weeds could find a home there and stay away from the rest of the yard. Pretty!


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