Sunday, June 22, 2014


US Join a Pig Club vintage poster image, courtesy of NY Historical Archives
Here is an interesting poster image.  It dates from WWI and urges kids to "Join A Pig Club".  Raising pigs can help win the war.  I'm guessing it was a food thing to make sure there was enough for troops and those still here at home.

This of course predated the FFA founding but I'm sure a large participation in this program didn't go unnoticed.  I wonder how many kids today would do something like this if asked?  I know the FFA does great work and attracts a lot of participation, including our dear friend D's son who raised a pig he named for our farm.  But so many other kids now are into tech and gaming, it seems farm related things are, sadly, fading from popularity.

Hope you are having a great weekend!  We had some sporadic rain yesterday but I got the property mowed and harvested some things.  More later!


  1. My friend who was in 4-H with me raised a pig. One day, I was at her house and she just had to show it to me. She asked me, "Isn't my pig pretty?" There was no way to be diplomatic, so I said, "No." She was angry for a long time but got over it. I think lots of kids today would raise a pig.

    Since kids are required to do little today, maybe their online activities are just a symptom of larger problems in child-rearing in our society today.

    1. I guess there isn't a way to say a pig is pretty huh? Handsome maybe? Good looking? Ha. Amen about larger problems in society. Sad but true.

  2. Just before Christmas I visited my sister in Yorkshire, UK. I met a little boy (about 8 yrs old) who was excitedly waiting for Santa to bring him 2 pigs. He already owned 10 chickens and a lamb! Beats Playstation games as a present in my book!

    1. Oh my gosh, what a neat story. "Dear Santa, please bring me pigs". That is SO cool! There is hope isn't there, ha. Thanks!!


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