Sunday, June 29, 2014


Here is a wartime poster that asked citizens to save bones and turn them in.  To make glue to use in housing, fertilizer for growing food, and for other things such as soap making.  All of this of course helped in the war effort at home.

I often wonder if there were similar campaigns today that showed people what one recycled item could make, if they would be successful.  We all know about recycled paper and aluminum and things like that, but this is definitely interesting.  Do they still use bones for glue?  And how is it used in soap? 

We hope you are having a good weekend!


  1. Now I know why my grandparents never threw anything away - first the Depression and then the War. Their generation definitely practiced the philosophy of “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.”

    You have a great idea about having a present day campaign about the benefits and uses of an individual recycled item!

  2. I remember my grandmother talking about saving bones and lard and I never knew why. She was probably just used to doing that. I'm not sure she made glue but I know she made soap. Cool!


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