Friday, June 13, 2014


Do you know what these white flowers are?

They are Yucca flowers!  Last year, I discovered a couple of Yucca plants growing, CLICK HERE, and several of you said that they bloomed.  We had never seen them bloom before and so when we pulled up at the farm and saw the white flowers in the midst of all the green, we thought "what is THAT?".

Too cool!

Yucca plant blooming with flowers
I understand that they are edible too.  I think we'll harvest some this weekend and see what we can come up with.  Might be fun to try.

We finally got air conditioning at my office so it was a good day yesterday.  Now the weekend is here. More planting for me today and of course to check on the stuff that was planted in the last couple of weeks.

Yucca update:  Well, when we got back out to the farm, just about a week and a half after I took these photos, the flowers had all turned brown and many were gone!  Dang it!

Didn't know how fleeting they were...something to put on the list for NEXT year so we can plan ahead of time.

At least now we know!


  1. We have them here in Colorado, at least until the deer discover them.

  2. What a lovely plant. It's always a bonus when it's naturally there.

  3. Check this site for more on edible plants.

  4. Those volunteer in my yard in the northern third of Alabama. I give them away because the volunteer under bushes. I am not capable of moving them, so others get to haul them away.

  5. We have yucca's here in australia too, Ive got so many in the garden, but none have flowered yet. Didn't know you could eat them, interesting, give us an update on what they taste like ;)

  6. You have such diversity on your little farm! What lovely flowers on your yuccas! Do they have a scent?

    Texas Rose

  7. We had these on the sides of our driveway, growing up. I can't pass one without thinking of my childhood home. And they are everywhere here in WV!

  8. 1st Man,

    The flowers on that Yucca plant are pretty. I didn't know you could eat the flowers.
    When we lived in Florida we used to get fried Yucca with garlic all over it as a side dish to go with black beans, rice, chicken, and plantains. Oh it was so good! I'm wonder if it was from the same plant...scratching my head, lol


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