Sunday, June 8, 2014


Dark skies
It was one of those days today.

Didn't go yesterday because of prior commitments in town so it was an early morning today.  On the road at 7:30am.  It was cool and sunny at first, so I started digging holes for some bushes we've been purchasing to put out there.  I did about seven, got them planted, and by then it was so oppressively hot and humid (you'd have to be here to fully understand), I just couldn't do any more.  It was zen machine time.

About halfway through though, it started getting darker and darker and so I put the mower up in the shed, made it back to the house and it started raining.

Then it stopped and was sunny again.  I let the ground dry and then got the zen machine out again and started mowing.  It was even hotter and more humid this time.  About an hour into it, it got cloudy again and even darker than the first time.  So I put the mower in the shed a second time and ended up getting stuck out there in a monsoon rain and lightning storm.  I had to sit in the mower shed for about 15 minutes until it slowed down enough to let me make a run for the house (which is quite a distance from the shed, side note, the shed would be a great place for a spare umbrella, but I digress).

In the end, bushes were planted, 'most' of the yard got mowed, but the decision was made to call it a day and just come back into town to rest up for work tomorrow.  Hope you're weekend was productive!

Rainy day on the porch


  1. We should sure use a storm like that right about now! I find myself constantly wishing for rain. Maybe one day I'll actually get around to installing an irrigation system.

    1. Y'all haven't had rain like that? That's kind of unusual for your part of the country isn't it? I'l see if we can push some your direction, ha.

  2. 1st Man,

    You did accomplish a lot in the amount of time you spent out at the farm.
    What's with all the lightning, it's bad the last couple of days.
    Speaking of lightning, did you see the news video of the truck in Canada that was struck by lightning?

    It's rained here for several days, I've had to pickup one of the pots that has corn planted and dump out all kinds of rain. Apparently the drain holes aren't big enough for the amount of water we've had.

    I bet by the next time you return to your little farm you'll have to cut all the grass again.

    1. Yes, with all our trees, I didn't want to hang around out there too long near the trees, that's why I stayed in the shed until the worst had passed. Haven't seen that video, will have to look for it. Lightning makes me nervous.

      I've been watching your storms on the news. Stay dry (and safe)! And you are SO right, it will be half a foot tall by next weekend, ha.

    2. And, you are think it would be a good idea to keep a lightning rod out there? Please, just get wet instead of putting up an umbrella. It has rained here for five days and the ten-day forecast is for rain. My yard is drowning, overgrown/lush, and too wet for mowing.

  3. Hey I found you through John at "Going Gently" - it's good to read about how you are working your farm.
    We're enjoying hot, hot sunshine at the moment, here in France, and the Cats are trying to find somewhere cool to sleep the day away!

  4. I love it when I get new plants into the ground and then we get rain that same day. It waters them in really well and I like to think it gives them a better start. We had our first truly rainy day in I can't tell you how long. I absolutely loved it. Just wish we had extra tanks to collect it.

  5. Hey! We got moved and yeah I know what you mean about it being humid.Haven't been on much but can appreciate the work you've been is looking very good around your place.

  6. I see you have a purple martin house. Do you have any martins nesting there?

  7. How cool is that!!! I love sitting on the porch in the rain!!! Great picture and isn't your place shaping up nicely! Have a great week guys!!!


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