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Our first aid supplies at the farm had been woefully inadequate until I found this Curad Complete First Aid Kit on sale at a local store.  It housed the standard assortment of bandages and such so that was good.  Not that we're accident prone of course but it's always nice to have one handy and since our bathroom does not have a medicine cabinet, this made sense.  But we were always moving it somewhere and then not remembering where it was if we needed it.

Flash forward to recently when I found this first aid storage box.  It is metal, painted red and best of all, it mounts on the wall.  I actually saw it first on Williams Sonoma's website but then I found it at a store here in town where it was much less expensive.  Of course this is a local mom and pop store so I can't direct you there but, as with most everything it seems, it's available on Amazon.

Click here Kikkerland Red First Aid Box if you are so inclined to check it out.
Red metal wall mounted first aid box
First, we found the perfect spot to mount it.  It's in the mudroom, right as you come in the back door and right next to the utility sink.  Perfect for running inside with a wound and cleaning up at the sink.

Red metal First Aid kit, loaded
Everything from the Curad kit fit inside nicely, in addition to a few extras that we have accumulated.  Now make no mistake, this isn't going to hold more than enough to handle small cuts, scrapes and splinters.  But still, it's nice to have nearby and in a location so we'll always know just where to go.

And, how's this for irony (or self fulfilling prophecy?).  As I was putting up the tools, I stuck my hand in the case and cut the side of my thumb.  Nothing bad but hey, I was standing right there so I washed it, put on some anti-bacterial ointment and wrapped it up in a bandaid.  It's first use!  Mission accomplished!  

This does make us realize though that this doesn't hold enough supplies we might need for an extended time.  Say for example we were out there for a longer period due to a natural or man made disaster, we'd like to be prepared. 

So our question is, what do you all keep in your emergency preparedness first aid kit?  We'll find a larger container that we can store under the bed or in a closet to hold more supplies...more "Prepping in Plain Sight" like we've done before.  We just want to make sure we have a good combination of supplies.

What would YOU put in YOUR first aid kit?

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

really nice first aid box!

Dawn McHugh said...

Nice basic first aid set up, our most important item in the first aid box is a First Aid book, a good one with lots of pictures is a must and secondly a thermometer :-)

Quinn said...

Do you mean you cut your hand on the first aid box?? That would be a good story :)
I'm awfully clumsy and am always scraping or cutting myself on something when I'm working outside but if it can't wait til the next trip to the house, I just grab whatever is closest in one of the barns - usually peroxide to flush any wound and then the nearest antiseptic-type thing I use for the goats, like BluKote or an antibiotic ointment. If I really need a bandage I just head for the house. Bandaids and gauze and white tape all in one place, near the sink.
I hope you won't need your First Aid box for a good long time now!

FionaG said...

Our first aid kit started as a small little box then as the children arrived and grew so did the first aide box. Add to that the fact that we are all Asthmatics and suffer from allergies, the many colds and ailments the kids bring home from school and share plus the general damage that is done from toiling on a farm and you end up with a first aide case!! The up side is when something ails at home we are not starved for choice, the down side is when we travel we have trouble figuring out what to take.

Texas Rose said...

I love your first aid box on the wall. Great idea! And it looks so cool!

For my first aid kit, one item I can't live without - good ol' duct tape. Put some anti-bacterial ointment on the cut, cover with gauze, duct tape it on - and it's waterproof and durable enough to go back into the garden.

LOL at your immediate need for your first aid kit!

Dani said...

Cool box :)

I'm embarrassed to confess I have an entire medicine cupboard in our bathroom. Medicines, tablets, ointments, suntan lotions, antiseptic - you name, it's in my cupboard.

To hide it, I've used a decorative cupboard. You wouldn't know what it contains unless you snoop and open the drawer / doors. Being so far out of town having a comprehensive medical supply is important.

Sandy said...

1st Man,

I love this box first aid kit. I won one exactly like yours from Mystic Muds Blog.
We have first aid kits just about every where. One in the kitchen, garage, trucks, hall closet, an emergency bag for minor injuries, and a very large one for all kinds of injuries. We've stock the very large kit with medical tools and dental tools.

Eggs In My Pocket said...

What a great idea! We keep our kit in the bathroom cabinet, but there is also one in every vehicle. But we are always getting nicked ,cut, or stung outside...........would be much better hanging by the back door! In ours..........Antiseptic spray, bandages, bug sting relief and ointment, small scissors, tweezers, a needle in a box, alcohol wipes , cotton balls, also a small bottle of bleach........ Bleach takes away the pain immediately from scorpion stings , wasp stings, and ant bites. I have used it for scorpion stings and it takes the pain away! It works for our pets as well. Sophie is always getting stung on her feet or legs. I just get a cotton ball of bleach, rub the spot where she is stung, keep her from licking it, and in an instant, she is not whimpering or limping.........I then make sure to rinse off the bleach so that she wont lick it and get sick.

Daphne Gould said...

My first aid kit is under the sink in the bathroom in a big orange box that is much like a fishing tackle box. I have all the typical bandages, antiseptic wipes, and gloves. The two different things that a lot of people don't have are the save-a-tooth whose name is self explanatory. And the H-bandage. It is really a combat dressing for arterial wounds in limbs.

1st Man said...

Thank you!! I saw it and knew we had to have it, ha.

1st Man said...

Great idea, we do need a good first aid book, thanks!!! And we don't have a thermometer...another great suggestion! Thanks!!

1st Man said...

That would be a good story, ha. But not good advertising for the box makers, LOL!! Peroxide we do have (isn't that stuff great?) but some more antibiotic ointment would be a good idea. Thank you for the tip. And yes, here's to not needing it for a long time!! Knock on wood. ;-)

1st Man said...

I can imagine children bring all sorts of 'new adventures', ha. I would like a first aid case somewhere, with more stuff in it. Cold and allergy stuff is a good idea. I bet trying to condense it down for trips is hard. :-)

1st Man said...

It did catch my eye, in fact, I saw it 'on the wall' at the first store I saw it at and that's what drew me to it. Duct tape is a great idea. We always have some around somewhere but heck, a roll in the first aid kit is the perfect place for some huh? Thank you!

1st Man said...

Nothing embarrassing about that. You are prepared for emergencies, no worries there. Since we are still in town, we have access to stuff if we need it, but the farm is miles away from from any supplies and I'd like it to have as many things as possible out there that would help us with most minor emergencies. Thanks for the tip!!

1st Man said...

It's a neat little box huh? It is small though. That's a great point about having them scattered around. When we get a barn at the farm, I need to make sure there are supplies out there too. I want to get a large case of some sort for the supply closet at the farm and more important supplies in it, such as the tools you mentioned, things for minor stitches, etc. Thank you!

1st Man said...

I liked that I could put this right by the back door. I figured that's the first place we'd stop on the way into the house and there's a sink right there, ha. Bleach? Really? I had no idea that's awesome!! Thanks! We have bleach out there but it would be nice to put some in a smaller bottle and keeping it with the first aid supplies. Like the idea of cotton balls, wipes, etc. Thank you for the suggestions.

1st Man said...

GLOVES! Never thought about that, thanks. Save-a-tooth? I had to google that one. What an interesting item! Thanks! H-bandage, I will definitely get some of those as well for the 'bigger' first aid supply case.