Sunday, September 21, 2014


We stayed in town this weekend which turned out to be good.  We got some errands run, and I made it to the garden center.  Bought two more Texas Lilac/Vitex bushes...for a grand total of seven...then I bought three more Texas sage...for a grand total of six of those.

Then I added these two varieties (forgot to take photos):

Blue plumbago photo from
Two Blue Plumbago bushes.  We love the pale blue flowers on them.  We may end up with a few more of these as they are supposed to do well in our heat. 

Esperanza, photo courtesy of
The other variety I got was Gold Star Esperanza, another Texas plant winner that is drought and heat tolerant.  Three of them.  Now if only we could be be more drought and heat tolerant...LOL!

Speaking of, it was a hot weekend.  The rains stopped and the heat came back. Hard to believe tomorrow is the first day of Fall.  It might be where you are but it certainly isn't here yet.  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Texas Rose said...

You found some great plants on your bargain hunt! The blues, purples, and yellows will look gorgeous together.
My mom had one side of the house planted with Plumbago for over 50 years - they went through drought, flood, scorching heat, freezes, and hurricanes and still looked beautiful.
The Esperanza is another goodie. I have enjoyed mine for years and they too have gone through all kinds of weather wonderfully.

Your farm is going to be the beauty spot of the county!
Happy planting!

1st Man said...

From lips to God's ears, LOL! Thank you!!!!