Thursday, September 25, 2014


Fountain, by artist
Sometimes, the inspiration we find comes from someone else finding it for us.  Case in point, this picture that Linda, a 'Friend of the Farm', found for us.  She knows us well, we love it!  This fountain is SO cool.

You know what it is?  Look at it sideways.  It's a disc tiller for a tractor!  The artist took a rusty farm implement and made it into a fountain.  Cool huh?  

I don't know much about disc tillers but this just fascinates me and since we'd love to have a fountain at the farm, someday of course, re-purposing something like this would be such a great idea.  Thanks Linda for finding the photo for us!

Be Inspired...


  1. How clever is that! This would be perfect for your farm.
    I’ll never look at farm equipment the same way again!

  2. From the small thumbnail photo on my dashboard I thought it might be a post hole auger....but now I see the bigger photo and yes indeed...discs. What a terrific idea.

  3. It never ceases to amaze how creative and inventive some people are.

  4. You are very welcome (I'm all about adding to other peoples 'To Do' list, LOL!)

  5. 1st Man,

    Very inspirational, I love this idea. I'm going to keep this in my brain (okay don't laugh) for a future project on our property.


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