Friday, September 26, 2014


Big Lou, the guilty or not guilty cat
We haven't shared a picture of this guy before.  He is a feral cat that lives in the backyard in town.  His name is Louis (the neighbor across the street named him), we call him Big Lou.  Sadly, as much as we interact with him, he just won't let us touch him.  He has been trapped and neutered once upon a time and so he doesn't roam around like other strays.  He likes to hang around in our backyard and the yard of the lady across the street.

I think he really did knock this over, as he was jumping down off the fence where he always does, but really, we must have 20 more clay pots where this one came's not the end of the word.  He did have that kind of guilty look though, like he wanted us to think it wasn't him.  

More later today!


  1. He's a beauty with his little white socks.

  2. I think Big Lou needs a lawyer! Cute pic! We just got a Bernese mountain dog puppy!!!!! Have a great weekend! laura

  3. Such a beautiful cat - looks like he’s wearing a tuxedo. And a bit of guilt!

  4. Well, I'd say he's guilty and couldn't care less. I'm a sucker, though, for cats and would forgive him instantly. Deb

  5. He is trying to look innocent but not succeeding very well!
    Cute though!

  6. You need more pieces of broken pottery to cover the drainage holes for plants you'll be potting up, don't you? Big Lou was just trying to help out!


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