Friday, September 19, 2014


Stretch Brisbane
Isn't it amazing how 'comfortable' our pets can get?  This couch was a smaller loveseat we had at the time and every time he got on there, he just stretched out as long as he could.  I swear Brisbane seems like he's three feet long.  Hmm, maybe we should measure him sometime.  

More later today...
We have been inundated with rain the last few days.


Texas Rose said...

That is one looonngg - and cute - kitty!

Sandy said...

1st Man,

Your cat loves sleeping on the couch as much as my dog Beans does.
What a cute picture.

We were suppose to get some of that rain with the dry line moved causing the rain pattern to shift your direction. No rain for us :-(

Laurie M said...

that cat has a hard life, lol!!!!!

1st Man said...

He is LONG for sure. We tend to 'grow' big cats around here for some reason, ha.

1st Man said...

You know, people who don't let their animals on the furniture just miss out on these moments huh? I mean who can resist these moments? :-)

I SO wish I had rain barrels up, that's a Fall project but at least the ground was super soaked and the plants and trees should be happy for awhile.

1st Man said...

Ha, isn't he so mistreated? LOL!

kymber said...

1st Man - as i am very experienced in fat cats of the long, short and medium-sized type - i can certainly say that THAT is a fat cat - bahahahahah! much love to you and 2nd Man!

your friend,