Saturday, December 12, 2015


It was a race against the storms...this whole line was moving toward the farm and of course, ultimately, all the way into town (the red pin is downtown).

I unloaded the plants (post on that tomorrow).

First thing to check, the bees...

They were still coming in and out.  Not as much activity as I've seen before, but I did remove the top super and there were lots of bees.  Hopefully it was just the early morning, the weather, and the fact that they are still working to repair the damage from the tip-over last week.

Fingers still crossed!  So far so good!

I also wanted to check the raised beds, make sure I didn't have a greenhouse of weeds going on under there...

They were clear, the soil still looked good, so we can say so far so good.  The good thing is, if there are weeds that pop up, with us checking on them once a week, it'll be easy to pop them out before they get out of control.  

Everything OK inside the house, no snakes or mice but, sadly, no one came in and cleaned up the hoarding stuff we have taken out there...but we'll work on that this Winter on some cold and dreary weekend.

Speaking of dreary, the clouds started moving in and it was the time we were on the road, it opened up and started pouring.  

It came and went the whole trip back and now it's pouring rain here in town.  Supposed to rain all night long and into tomorrow, then turn cold.  There was even a tornado North of town, quite a bit of damage, thankfully no injuries.

We hope you are having a good weekend doing what makes you happy!


  1. Glad you found things as they should be.

    Stay safe.

  2. Tiny weeds and especially weeds in wet ground are so easy to remove.

  3. Yikes - that weather map didn't have much red on it, so my initial thought was that there wouldn't be any severe weather. I'm glad there were no injuries from the tornado.

    And one of the (numerous) reasons I love raised beds is how easy the weeds are to deal with.

  4. (sings) I'mma king bee, buzzin' round your hive...

  5. that storm was moving fast!!!

  6. It has rained here till its just not even funny! Flooding in places. Just sink to your ankles deep mud everywhere! Thank heaven for muck boots!
    I sent you a note :O). I am sure your bees are like you said repairing and this rainy weather slows them down so I understand.

  7. So glad that your bees seem to be recovering. Those poor ladies work hard enough and now having to re-build - you gotta admire them!
    Here’s a thought - you could put some regular tin panels on top of your raised garden beds. They are corrugated also and made sturdier and won’t let light in to germinate weeds.


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