Wednesday, December 2, 2015


We told our nephew that we would post this for him...he made these for our "Steaksgiving" dinner and they were wonderful.  He's a senior in high school and loves food and cooking (and rugby and football and weightlifting and all things sports, ha)

Jalapeno Dove Poppers with Bacom
These are pretty close to our jalapeño poppers that we make.  CLICK HERE for the link to those.  In this case however, they are jalapeños stuffed with cream cheese, topped with a dove breast and then wrapped in bacon.  Finally, he grilled them.  Dove is a popular meat in Texas and while these are made with dove, they can also be made with quail or even small pieces of chicken breast.  There is something about the dove though, the meat has such a great flavor, it was just really accented by the other flavors.  They were delicious!

Here is a typical recipe popular in Texas, reprinted below:

Jalapeño Dove Poppers
12 whole dove breasts
garlic salt
black pepper
1 8-ounce package of cream cheese
12 jalapeños sliced in half lengthwise (to give you 24 pieces) and of course seeded if you don't want the heat.
1 package of regular-sliced bacon, cut in half 

With a knife, separate breasts from the breastbones to make 24 pieces. Sprinkle lightly with garlic salt and pepper. Take each jalapeño half, fill it with cream cheese and smooth it out evenly, place a seasoned dove breast on top of the cheese, and then wrap it all in bacon. Secure with a toothpick. Grill over mesquite, oak, or charcoal for 3 to 5 minutes, then turn and continue grilling until bacon is crisp. 

Thanks "J", these were definitely a highlight of the evening. We hope you'll make them again soon!  And don't give up on that love of cooking!


Practical Parsimony said...

When I think of eating dove, I think of eating the two who have lived in my back yard for ages. Does everything in Texas involve heat?

Quinn said...

Wow, those look and sound delicious!
But your own Jalapeño Popper link took me to About Our Journey... ;)

Anne in the kitchen said...

Sounds great! We used to have a neighbor who was an avid hunter and would invite us over for grilled dove. The taste was fantastic but he left the breast and wing attached so it looked like we were eating little grilled bats. The next time one of my friends/relatives goes on a dove hunt, I am going to suggest and offer to make these. (Only if they clean the birds first though)

Marcia said...

If they are mourning doves I have them right outside my window. Don't have anything that shoots though so they are safe. It's a very unusual recipe for me.

1st Man said...

Fixed, thanks for the heads up!

donna baker said...

Dove? Ayeyeyyey! Don't know how to spell it. I've eaten dove before as my Dad hunted them. Quit because of the lead buckshot. And then I learned they mate for life. Can't eat dove anymore.

1st Man said...

I hear ya. These doves are slightly different. But I understand. I'll eat it if someone else does the other part.

1st Man said...

The taste is very good....hey, all we had to do on this was just eat. I didn't have to see bat wings or anything, ha. They are very good though, the flavors all go very good together.

1st Man said...

The wild doves are slightly different, but yeah, still the same. I couldn't do the deed but if it's already been done, and it's already cooked, I will partake so that there was something that came out of the other part. Click on the link (fixed now) with the regular bacon jalapeño and cream cheese poppers. We put them in the oven then but they can be grilled too.

1st Man said...

I understand. Buckshot was definitely gone in this. These wild doves are a bit different than the ones we see in our yard in town but I'm sure they are the same in other aspects. I couldn't "do it" but if it's been done and been cooked, I don't want the life to have been worth it, if that makes sense. But yeah, no way I could actually do it. My father took me hunting once, he said if I didn't like it I didn't have to do it....and I didn't and I don't.