Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Today is 2nd Man's birthday...

Happy birthday to you!!!

Love, 1st Man

Update:  2nd Man is appreciative of the comments and will respond to each one in the next few days.  Speaking of, there are a lot of comments I need to reply to as well, but blogger has not been allowing me to update comments individually, but it's supposed to be fixed tomorrow.  I'll catch up too!


  1. Happy Birthday! May it be the best one yet.

  2. Happy Birthday 2nd Man.
    Don't worry about how old you're getting . . .
    You’re only old when you
    Forget how to start your
    Rocking chair.
    Look at it this way, the more candles you have, the Bigger the cake :}

    Now, on a more serious note
    Birthday Wioshes:
    Hope it adds
    some special pleasure
    To the hours of your day
    To know you're being thought of
    In the very warmest way...
    And when your birthday's over,
    Hope that you'll remember, too,
    The same warm thoughts as always
    Will keep going out to you!
    ~ Happy Birthday ~

  3. Happy Birthday 2nd Man! Hope you have a GREAT day!!

  4. Many Happies 2nd Man. Hope you have an excellent day - and one that indicative of the year ahead :)

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope it is great!!

  6. Oh, happy happy day! Hope you have a blast!

  7. Happy birthday. Lots of sunshine, joy, laughter and love in your life and homes.

  8. tell 2nd man to imagine me doing my bestest marilyn voice (and tell him to picture marilyn but with bunny ears):

    happy buuurthday to you
    happy buuurthday to you
    happy buuurthday Mr. Second Man
    haaapy buuuuurthday to yoooooooooooooou!

    bahahahahhaa! Happy Birthday 2nd Man, and please keep feeding 1st Man all of those delicious meals!

    sending love to you both! your friend,

  9. Happy Birthday and Warm Wishes 2nd Man!!!

  10. happy birthday, elusive (and fabu chef) second man!

  11. Happy birthday 2nd man & I hope 1st man cooks you a lovely meal!!

  12. Wishing you the Happiest of birthdays, 2nd Man!

  13. Happy birthday to the silent half of this blog! When are you going to write that cookbook?

  14. Happy Birthday Spider-man #2! Ha

  15. Happy Birthday my dear! Wishing everything you'd ever want! Oh, yeah, I think you have most of it; I'm sure the million$ are coming soon. <3 <3 <3

  16. Happy Belated Birthday, 2nd Man!!! Do what we do and celebrate together all week.

  17. Best wishes from your house to ours ... I've been following your site since you mentioned Red Cargo Rice several years ago and google brought me there (here?)as it is a wonderful rice that I had to order from the internet ... Tucson is not known for it's wide variety of specialty foods and even in the big Asian supermarket I couldn't find it ... and now have certainly wandered off topic! Hope you had a great birthday ... and enjoy your temporary live in the clouds before moving to the farm!!!

  18. There are so many lovely birthday wishes here that I would just like to "ditto" them all. Hope you had a wonderful day.


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