Wednesday, March 9, 2016


It was apparently sparrow day at the farm this past weekend...

...amazing how they blend in so well...

...the tree was full of them...

...chirping and hopping around...

...but some were camera shy...

...still, they hung around until the sun started going down...we love the birds at the farm, they are a constant source of sound and peacefulness...


  1. Lovely photos. The birds are saying; feed me, feed me. :}

  2. The LBJs (little brown jobs) do hide well don't they? And I love them. All of them.

  3. What sort of tree are they in? Here in southern Ontario it looks like our birch. Thanks for sharing such lovely pics.

  4. LBBs I call them - little brown birds. we have plenty of them at my bird feeder and they keep my cats entertained.

  5. A sure sign Spring has arrived! Just don't park your cars near or under that tree ... ha! Yep birds are wonderful fun little creatures to watch. I love the sounds of their business and early morning chatter.


  6. Great pictures of the birds at your Farm. I love the birds too. Their cheery songs keep me company when I’m working in the garden - they also help the garden by eating some of the bad bugs and snails. And I love watching them at the birdfeeder - I put a variety of food out to attract lots of different birds.


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