Friday, May 13, 2016


So last weekend, as I walked around the farm, just to take a break and check things out, I was taking photos of various parts of the property as I often do.

This was just one of the many photos I took that day.  I was back on the computer later, loading them and quite often, I zoom around in the pics to see more details.  When I zoomed in on this one, I saw a surprise:

This mystery cat!  

I did not recognize it as one of 2nd Family's cats but just in case, I sent them the photo.  Nope, not one of theirs and not one they have ever seen!

How weird is that?  I suppose with 11 acres, there could be some random feral cats roaming around at any given moment, but in the few years we've owned the property, we never seen one. It's not in any other photo either.

Ghost cat?  It sure was giving me the eye, LOL! 

Very strange but, being cat lovers, we're OK with a feral cat or two or three, especially if they start to take care of the mouse population.



  1. As a cat owner, I've noticed they tend to gather.

  2. That is where My Oreo the cat disappeared to.

  3. very curious,,

    1. Maybe it was dumped at some point. My friend had hundreds of cats on his property that were results of couple of cat dumping and then their breeding. Be careful what you wish for. Or, maybe this cat is jut passing

  4. Kind of eerie that it looks like he's staring a whole through you! Would be nice if he stuck around though.

  5. If he takes care of mice, then he's great. If he knocks up some girl cat and you have hundreds of cats roaming around, then he's a problem. Get him some condoms.


  6. AFIK we still have two field cats here; one is identical to my own, except for white on paws. Still have plenty of mice and bunnies, so I guess the ecosystem is balanced lol.


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