Sunday, May 8, 2016


 What a difference a day makes...

Yesterday it was clear blue skies...

Today it was gray and gloomy with sprinkles...

I got a LOT done, not quite as much as I had hoped for because of today's weather but still a major thing accomplished, photos tomorrow.  

I did however get stung by a bee.  One of our ladies got me on the forehead, my own fault, I thought it would be a good idea to just quickly edge around the hive area with the weedeater.

They did NOT agree with THAT idea!

It was all worth it in the end though.  When I came home, this meal was waiting for me...

Steak and a side of pasta with broccolini...and a glass or two of wine.

Hope your weekend was great!


  1. Your bee-ladies are keeping you on your toes - kind of like a warning shot. Sorry about the sting - but at least they were considerate and did not send out the whole hive after you!

    Wow, what a wonderful meal to come home to. Kudos to 2nd Man again!

    1. Thanks, yep, it was a not so gentle reminder that they DO have the upper hand at times, ha. Dinner was yummy!!!

  2. I agree with the ladies. I would like to sting someone sneaking round my home with a noisy weedeater. Glad it was just the one.
    And hooray for home-cooked luxury.

    1. Ha, too funny! I never I never thought about it that way. They sent out a few more but I outran them ha. Home cooked luxury is always good huh?


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