Sunday, May 15, 2016


Since yesterday was family fun, today is farm fun...but, also yesterday, heavy rains came through.  See radar image below which was from Saturday at 5:42pm, the red dot being the farm.  Sigh.

  Our weather forecast for this week includes more heavy rain for several days in a row and that means next weekend will mostly likely be a washout, pun intended.  Plus we have another graduation next weekend, 'tis the season.  

I'm hoping to mow today so that if I do have to wait a couple weekends more, it won't be too bad.Mowing will be first on the list today and then I'll look into getting some more smaller details done, again, weather permitting.  

Enjoy this picture I took a couple of weeks ago, it just makes me smile. 
Happy Flowers!


  1. have fun at the farm. we just had a hard snowstorm!

  2. Y'all got much more rain than we did yesterday. Today it's been raining off and on all afternoon - hoping you're getting a break so you can mow your yard.
    Love the tiny daisy-like flowers!

  3. We received almost an inch of rain early Sat. morning and thought we might had gotten some yesterday as overcast as it was but cleared it up so I worked outside and hubby worked on the rider to get it up and running again.
    Love them daisies; such a pretty and elegant flower.


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