Saturday, April 1, 2017


Playing "beat the rain" game. Check out this forecast.  I'm not even sure why they put 90%.  I'm pretty sure it's gonna rain, ha.  'Tis the season!

When this posts, I'll already be at the farm.  

Haven't mowed for the last two weeks so I'm sure it will need mowing now, and I need to edge too.  Once those are done, I will top off the flowerbeds from last weekend with more soil, then with the rest of the day, I'll see about creating some new flowerbeds in front of the house.  I have the timbers, the cardboard and some soil, so it will be a good day if I can pull off a couple of those like I did last weekend in front of the garden.  

The good thing about this rain is that the fruit trees are being kept well watered.  We had an inch the other day, and an inch and a half last weekend.  They are saying two to three inches are possible Sunday.  Also a chance of tornadoes and hail.  THOSE we can do without.

Yellow Texas wildflowers\
Let's enjoy some sunshine and flowers before gray skies and storms...these are growing just outside the front fence on the corner of a neighboring property.  Yellow always makes us smile when we see it.  

Hope your weekend is off to a good start!


Colleen said...

Our yard also needs mowing.. Big time. It really shot up after that bit of rain we had earlier when them storms went through.
I certainly can do without them tornadoes. Living in a doublewide mobile home there is no where to go except go along for the ride.
Enjoy your day.
Oh, my sweet baby finger carrots are up. :}

Rain said...

Enjoy the sun while you have it! :)

Janie Junebug said...

Maybe the rain will fall all around you, but leave the farm in a golden circle of sunlight. ;-)


Practical Parsimony said...

The other day we were scheduled for some of the worst conditions the weather people could described. It mostly dissipated here and went around us. Not one drop of rain fell here! So, there is hope.

SAM said...

We're still a bit away of yard work but have tidying and clean-up needed. It will feel good to be outside.

Texas Rose said...

Love those sunny yellow wildflowers! So happy!
I spent some lovely time in the garden - it's so much fun to see everything growing. I even have some little green tomatoes. I planted another crop of green beans to stagger out the production. And transplanted the extra squash and cucumbers that came up. Also re-planted some more okra. Only a few came up from the previous planting, I think because I didn't soak the seeds in water overnight, so I did that this time.

Hoping you received some good rain for your trees and other plantings but not any bad storms.

1st Man said...

Got ours mowed and edge, gosh how I love a mowed yard. So relaxing. Yikes, y'all be safe. You don't have a cellar?

Baby finger carrots? I will have to try those next time. We planted the danvers and Nantes. Sweet carrots from the garden are the carrot equivalent of tomatoes from the garden vs store bought.

1st Man said...

Thanks!! I made full use of it, ha.

1st Man said...

Funny you said that, often 2nd Family says it's almost like the farm has a dome over it, the storms build and get dark and then go around. I'm ok with that, ha.

1st Man said...

Well, looking back now, even though it rained at the farm a bit, in town it only sprinkled but Friday night they acted like the end of the world was coming. Weather people, the only job where you can be wrong and not get in trouble, ha.

1st Man said...

It's so nice, especially the first of the season. Promise of good things to come, nice weather. Enjoy it soon!!!!!

1st Man said...

Yellow is THE happiest flower color I do believe. Being I the garden is so nice huh? I'm jealous that you get to enjoy it every day. I try to make ht most of the time I have out there. Someday soon!!!