Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Texas Wildflower season is famous for its beauty.  Here are some pictures I've taken.  All of these are on our property.  I guess we do have color, at least at this time of year.

Let's see...we have...






There are others but this is what we have captured over the last few weekends.  

One of these days, we're going to make it to the Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center.

p.s.  A few of the pics above I'm using as wallpaper on my office computer.  A little touch of the farm at work during the week!

Enjoy natures beauty!


  1. Wild flowers are so pretty.
    The other day was driving the countryside and saw a whole pasture with nothing but bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush wild flowers. Was absolutely Gorgeous with just those 2 wild flowers together in same pasture.
    You See . . .
    She's a Wildflower
    in a meadow of many
    growing in the wild

    She's different from any other
    Smiles of brightness
    And full of color
    She doesn't need attention
    In your well attended garden

    You see -
    She's a Wildflower
    in a desert of few
    growing in the wild

    She struggles to grow
    In places others refuse
    Surviving the horizons
    In lands not intentional
    She firmly plants her root

    You see -
    She's a Wildflower
    in a region of mixed floras
    growing in the wild
    Jennifer Colyne Hall

  2. It must be nice to have enough property to let these grow and be beautiful. I have a purple wildflower that is very prolific and loves to spread. It is a weed in my book. One thing about wildflowers is that the area does not need to be mowed all summer. Even if you do mow them down, they come right back. I know you enjoy all this beauty.

  3. I love the colours! Right now the only colours I'm seeing are brown and dirty white snow lol! But I do have some green in my window garden so I'm happy for that.

  4. the 'pinks' as you call them have leaves that can be gathered and thrown into your salad

  5. Wow, all of these are on your property! You have so much beauty right outside your Farm door. Gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful paint box of colours. I love wildflowers. Our weather has been so strange that I have been seeing fields full of them even now, which is strange going into to Autumn but I'm not complaining.


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