Sunday, April 9, 2017


The weather has been incredible.  Clear skies and a cool breeze.  That's why I want to get as much done as possible on the flowerbeds and of course mowing and edging because soon enough, it will be rainy and then REALLY hot.

Yellow wildflowers
The road on the way to the farm.  
Lined with happy yellow flowers.

When I got there, "J" from 2nd Family told me that their ducks were hanging around our house for some reason.  Sure enough, I got out of the car and there they were, just chilling in the shade under the back of the house.  They stayed for awhile and the one on the left in this photo kept coming over to my car to watch me unload stuff (and being very vocal).  But when I went in the house, the spot they were under is the mudroom above and my walking around in there scared them off and they flew back home.

About 20 minutes after they left, she called to tell me all three were happily splashing around in their plastic kiddie pool, ha.  

Country road
I got a lot done and headed back into town (the road on the way out).   I'll have pics of the work later.  Hint, front flowerbeds are done!  We were originally both going to the farm and were going to spend the night but 2nd Man had to work from home at the last minute (the company he works for runs 24/7 around the world so we never know).  He wanted to cook dinner for me after my hard work so hey, who am I to argue with that?  

Iron skillet roasted chicken
I came back to iron skillet roasted chicken.  

Super simple: rub with olive oil and salt, pop in an iron skillet and roast in the oven at 450 degrees for about an hour.  Golden and delicious.

Corn, peas and lemon thyme
Then one of my new favorite sides that he makes, corn and peas with butter and lemon thyme.  AMAZING flavor combination.  That's why we are growing lemon thyme at the farm!

As this posts, I'll be back out there mowing and edging.  Hoping to cut the day short and come back and rest, I'm definitely worn out after yesterday!


Connie said...

I am so happy to have found your blog. Three years ago my husband and I bought a fixer-upper on an acre of land . . . while our friends where all down-sizing for retirement, we decided to up-size. Until now we have never had a place large enough to garden and this acre seems huge to what we have been used to living. It will be fun to follow your journey and glean from your ideas. I'm a learn as you go gardener, but ready to spread my wings and learn all that I can. Everyday we are little bit older . . . so if we're going to live our dream we better get started now, LOL
Happy to meet you.
Connie :)

anne marie in philly said...

LOVE the color pattern on the ducks and the pretty wildflowers!

Practical Parsimony said...

It seems you have a gold color scheme going here. That chicken looks delicious. I think I will thaw some chicken after drooling over that picture. The weather is so pleasant here, with blue skies and no clouds, just a wisp of a breeze.

Gemmagirl said...

Your road looks so lovely and inviting. What a meal to come home to. I'm sure you enjoyed the efforts of 2nd man as much as he appreciated your hard work.

Texas Rose said...

I love your winding country road, especially with the pretty yellow wildflowers.
What a nice welcome to your Farm home by your duck-y neighbors!
And then a nice welcome back to your city home with a delicious supper. I will have to try using that lemon thyme with corn and peas as 2nd Man did - good idea.

Kirk said...

Dear 1st Man, here I am back at last and visiting your fab blog: Ducks, county roads lined with flowers, roast chicken . . . it makes me want to get our own plans under way pronto!! Kirk

Anne in the kitchen said...

Everything looks beautiful at the farm and the other pictures just look delicious!

1st Man said...

HELLO!!!!!!!!! And Welcome!!!!!!!!! What a sweet note of introduction you left for everyone. You know, we are both in our 50's and starting late in life too. Wen still live in the big city for now, we have to keep our jobs up to be able to get all the stuff done we need to do at the farm and then we can be able to get there and enjoy it more affordably, ha. I've done everything I've done out there just reading on line, visiting other blogs and heck, getting great advice from people like you who leave us comments. We all learn from each other, sometimes that's best. And I've always said on here I'd share the good and the bad. We've had some failures, a couple of years the garden didn't go like we wanted, a tree falling, mice in the house, snake encounters, storms, flooding driveways, an epic drought, starting something and not finishing and then it becomes twice as much work, mulch that didn't work life we had hoped, etc. But we're still here and the wins FAR outweighs the losses so life is good.

We hope you'll stay around and visit!!!

1st Man said...

They are pretty aren't they? Got some really pretty wildflower pictures coming Wednesday.

1st Man said...

LOL I never thought about that until you said it. It sure is! Chicken is one of my faves and sometimes simple is best. Enjoy your weather and chicken when you have it!!

1st Man said...

Isn't that a great road? The one that runs in front of the farm is boring, this one is a mile down the road and is so pretty, I love driving it. He definitely appreciates all I am doing out there for us. I always tell him it's for our future!

1st Man said...

It's pretty for sure, so shady and peaceful. I've seen deer run across the road there on a few occasions. We always drive carefully through there.

Oh the lemon thyme is SO good. I swear it's like you put a lemon in the dish. It doesn't take much, we had some that had dried a bit and he just rubbed the back they were in and let some crumble out into the pan. Butter and veggies. Peas and corn is an odd but great combination.

1st Man said...

YAY! Welcome back (and hey everyone reading, go visit his blog, he's been best for a bit but always has beautiful posts of his life). I can't wait to see your progress too. How exciting for you both. thanks!!!

1st Man said...

Thank you, it was a nice day and satisfying for both the soul and the tummy!