Sunday, April 23, 2017


The weather has been incredible. 
Disconnected from electronic devices.  
Sleeping with the windows open. 
Got all the mowing done. 
And the edging.
Planted some things.
Weeded in the garden.
Cleared more areas.
Worked on some other projects.

But best of all, picking and eating wild dewberries warmed by the sun with a cool breeze blowing and the smell of honeysuckle filling the air...well, there is no better way to spend Earth Day weekend.

I'll catch up on comments later tonight and of course updates during the week.  We hope your weekend has been equally productive and enjoyable!


Tonya @ My Cozy Little Farmhouse said...

It sounds idyllic and I am green with envy. Oh wait, that is green from grass clippings, haha

Texas Rose said...

What a fantastic weekend you had! Especially sleeping with the windows open with our cool nights and then picking sun-ripe dewberries! And the scent of honeysuckle! Sounds like you also got a lot of Farm work done also - it was indeed perfect weather for it.

I spent time in my garden and then fixed some garden green beans for supper. And I had some surprise visitors! A couple of rose-breasted grosbeaks were at my birdfeeder this morning and this afternoon - so beautiful. said...

Sounds like a little piece of heaven. laura

Practical Parsimony said...

I did my bit for Earth Day, but like you, I did use or have someone use the gas-powered motor for hacking off perfectly happy grass and weeds.

Elephant's Child said...

I am glad that you had such a productive and happy weekend. Celebrating the earth. As we should all do.

Sue said...

Eating wild dewberries and smelling sweet smells of honeysuckle.....yea, that sounds like a wonderful day!

Colleen said...

Sounds like you really had a great weekend; picking and eating wild dewberries; smell of Honeysuckle filling the air, and sleeping with the windows open..........sounds Wonderful and relaxing.
Now, with around 4 cups of honeysuckle flowers you could make / can up a batch of honeysuckle jelly. Oh, that sounds so good. If I had honeysuckle anywhere around me; you bet I would be making some jelly.

We had to make long grass short again yesterday..........every week thing.
Hope we have cooler temperatures for many days to come to that we can get started on building my 16 x 24 Christmas / craft / paint shed.(same size as hubby's workshop).
Sure does help when we have 2 wonderful son-in-laws who are more than willing to help, especially when neither one are afraid of heights; Big Plus there.
Have an enjoyable week.

Kirk said...

There is nothing quite like the smell of honeysuckle. You have given me a pleasant memory of times gone by.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

sounds wonderful!

1st Man said...

LOL that made me laugh!!! Thank you!!! Happy Earth Day!

1st Man said...

It was so nice and cool. Strange noises in the dark, ha but it was nice. Yes, honeysuckle patches (vines) are everywhere and you can smell it on the wind. It's just intoxicating.

I had to google those birds, wow how pretty!!! They look like little patriotic red white and blue birds, ha. Love it!!! I can't wait to get some bird feeders at the farm.

1st Man said...

Hi there sweet lady!!!! Yes, it really is, our own little heaven. Sometimes it seems like so much work but we have to stop and enjoy it. And when we do it's so relaxing. Thank you!!

1st Man said...

Ha, I think the Earth likes a nice haircut every once in awhile. ;-)

1st Man said...

Amen! Every day should be Earth Day!

1st Man said...

It was, it really was!! That honeysuckle is just like something from a book when you smell it. Words can't even describe. It was a great day I hope you get some beautiful weather!!

1st Man said...

It was so relaxing. I didn't know about the flowers???? Are you serious? Dang, I need to see about harvesting some. The whole flower? Stamens and all? I need to google that!! I had no idea. Is it good? I know, twenty questions, ha.

16x24? That's the size of our big barn. Wow. Your very own "she-shed" I think they call that these days, ha. I can't wait to see it.

Thanks for the info, off to google now!!

1st Man said...

Hey Kirk!!! I'm glad to be of assistance, ha! It's such a unique scent and does do something to our memory centers huh? I wish I could get you some for your new property!

1st Man said...

Aww thanks, it was a great way to disconnect from the world for a bit (and we need that lately). Hope you had a great weekend too!!