Sunday, April 2, 2017


Got all the mowing done yesterday, yay!  
Everything edged, yay!  
Built a new flower bed, yay! 
Cleared more in a new spot, yay!
Garden is growing well, yay!

Updates on those things later.  

The flowers planted last weekend were still looking great.  This is the Mexican heather and marigolds, actually putting on blooms...

...and here is the other end, red and purple salvia, pincushion flower and more Mexican heather and marigolds, they were all doing great as well.  Best part of all, no weeds I had to pull (yet, ha).  

With the rains today, they are getting a good soaking and should be good until next weekend.  

Tree stump
What's this?  I was clearing an area under some trees and I found this stump!  It's under some vines that I didn't get to yet, but it's a nice size and is from an old mesquite tree.  I think it's still "in the ground" but not sure.  I remember seeing some things about using old stumps as planters or tables, etc.  It's a bit low to the ground but hey, once it's cleared off, I'll see what potential it has.  Adirondack chairs around it perhaps?

Now I have something new to obsess over think about.

Fresh rosemary
We harvested the first rosemary for this season.  We always let it grow over Fall and Winter and so I pruned some back and we brought it back for dinner...

Oven roasted potatoes tossed in olive oil with rosemary, salt and pepper.  

Steak and rosemary potatoes, a great weekend meal.  
Oh, and a glass or two three of wine.

Today the storms are all around, though it's been pretty good in town nothing heavy or dangerous   2nd Family say it's been about 3/4" rain out there so far, some dark scary skies but nothing severe.  That's not to say there hasn't been, there was a storm that went over the farm early this morning and then dropped a funnel cloud and possible tornado about 20 minutes later.  Still heavy storms to come this afternoon, or so they say.  Now if it HADN'T rained or stormed at the farm, I'd be ticked off at the weather forecasters, but since it's rained out there, I'm ok with saying it was best that we didn't venture out today.  

Besides, now I'm making plans for more flowerbeds along the front and side of the house.  I'm on a mission, ha.


FionaG said...

The garden is looking wonderful. It is so very satisfying when plants start to flower. It starts to show you your vision. The mix of colours are looking so vibrant. Well done.

Colleen said...

With the rain it really give them a kick start. Very pretty flower beds.
Thus far we have received 3 1/2 inches.
If small stump, set a potted plant on top of the stump potted with some pretty wave petunias or something or drill a hole and stick in a solar light or mount a rain gauge on top or some sort of yard ornament of sorts. Make small bed around the stump and plant some moss roses for added color and they do come up every year.

Elephant's Child said...

No weeds? Colour me jealous. I am heading out again shortly to fight my losing battle with them.

Practical Parsimony said...

Sound stumps have endless possibilities, even to sitting on them. Of course, ants might explore your clothes and you. I deliberately had the woodsmen leave a stump for my children to jump from. It was well-loved. Eventually, vines covered it when they no longer used it and bunnies lived in the brambles. Of course, not-sound stumps are useful, just not for bodies to sit upon or jump from. I saw someone had filled a partially rotted stump with soil and planted something in it. plants spilling down the rotten side, planted in the crack would work for years. You have so many elements/features with which to work and be creative.

I wondered about you two when I heard the weather.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Gott be careful of any man with a mission because a total overhaul can ensue! It seems those missions get bigger and bigger and bigger.

Practical Parsimony said...

I really want some of those potatoes, but I am eating mini Robin Eggs.

Texas Rose said...

Your flowerbeds are so colorful and growing well.
Your supper looks scrumptious! Those roasted potatoes - mmm!

I was glad we didn't get any severe weather - but we also got hardly any rain. I transplanted some things in the garden and hard to put the sprinkler on this evening because the rain was so sparse.
Glad you got so much done at the farm.

Audra Russell said...

Everything looks great....and delish! I was out in my little backyard farm yesterday getting it all ready for the growing season. I can't plant until mother's day, though. But I may or may not have gone to my local nursery and I may or may not have bought way too many vegetable plants and have them in my greenhouse. I can neither confirm nor deny that fact. BUT...if I's because I'm making up for not growing last year....maybe. That's my story and I'm sticking to it! ;-)

1st Man said...

I love flowers, they make me smile when I see them. Fingers crossed they continue happily along!

1st Man said...

Oh, goo idea about the stump. I was thinking of solar lights anyway in the area. I'll have pics soon as I get it all cleared. And LOVE the idea of digging out around for some color. Moss roses are good for shady spots right? Awesome, thanks!

1st Man said...

Ha, somehow I've been luck SO FAR. We'll see what happens over time. The garden has been great so far with the straw and the landscape fabric.

1st Man said...

Thanks, the weather was crazy but so far, the bad stuff was elsewhere. I will clean this stump up (there is not enough around it to harbor bunnies, ha) and then I can see how sound the stump is (and how level, how high, etc, ha). Stay tuned!!

1st Man said...

LOL, I can become focused when necessary. Fortunately for me, "squirrel" and I can get distracted, ha.

1st Man said...

Ha, they were delish. But those chocolate Robin eggs are also delish!

1st Man said...

Thanks I hope they keep growing and bloom all summer. Can't wait!! Cool weather coming, last blast I guess.

1st Man said...

I love your "may or may not", that's always my story too, ha. I tell 2nd Man that all the time. He just rolls his eyes and looks the other way, ha. You go girl!!!