Wednesday, May 3, 2017


 2nd Man and I are on a new kick: fruit infused water.  For far too long we've consumed soft drinks and flavored drinks and all that bad (but delicious) stuff.  I personally gave up my Diet Dr Pepper addiction a few months ago...haven't had a soft drink now in almost six months.  2nd Man has given up his Coke Zero addiction for about a month now.  

Recently, we bought a couple of these great fruit infusion water bottles.

This is lemon/lime.  
Of course, remember this isn't sweetened or carbonated and the lemon/lime is sour but we love it.  It's very refreshing and good for you in many ways.

And this is orange/strawberry/blueberry.  
Now this one has a naturally sweet taste. In fact, when we drink it, you can actually pick out all three flavors, they are very distinctive and tasty.

Fruit infused water
The bottles are nice because you put the fruit in, as much or as little as you want, fill up with water and then the top that locks on (where the white line is) has a built in filter (to keep the fruit in) so you just pour out the water and refill.  The fruit lasts a couple of weeks for us.  Yummy and oh so fresh.

We know there are lots of combinations of fruits and herbs, but does anyone have a specific combination they love that they'd like to share?


  1. I only have questions. Is that bottle for consumption directly from the bottle or do you pour it into a glass to drink? Do you thoroughly wash the citrus before cutting? The fruit in the fruity one would mold soon in my refrigerator. How do you keep it in water that long and still be able to keep it for several weeks? are those bottles glass or plastic? Giving up "Cokes" is a great thing to do.

  2. CUCUMBER WATER IS DEEEVINE! on a hot day, a glass of cucumber water and ice is to die for! also - don't be shy with herbs - parsley water just doesn't taste great - it also detoxifies your liver! how about some mint water on it's own or add mint to your berry waters! how about ginger water? or adding ginger to any of your waters? all of which are beneficial to your health! add a bit of local honey and you really start rocking the health benefits!

    i make the craziest concoctions of ice-water for me and jam during the spring and summer and then in the autumn/winter i make teas - sage tea, oregano tea, rosemary tea, garlic tea - all of which are also beneficial to your health!

    these types of infused waters are soo good for us and ensure we get enough water in a day. test try it for yourself - make yourself a really infused cucumber water on a day when you are going to be out in the garden working your butt off. start your morning with a small glass of cucumber water with your breakfast. be sure to have a gallon of cucumber water in the fridge. go out and do some work and you will be back in the house after 45 mins of hard work, you'll have a ten minute break, you'll guzzle your cucumber water and head back out for another seriously-minded 45 minutes of work. then you'll want some more of your cucumber water. and it means that you will take another break and get out of the sun and replace your electrolytes. you can do 10hr days of seriously-minded work this way.

    it's why the man, jam, is able to do so much in a day. and as you know - he works Hard -

    make all kinds of different waters. and then have some of this...then some of that...then another kind of water. you'll feel like superman - i promise!

    i am very glad that you guys are getting off the crappy-bad-for-you sodas and moving on to things that are good for you and will improve your health! kudos!

    sending much love to you both! your friend,

  3. Pear, ginger, cinnamon stick and vanilla bean

    Fall Infused Water
    1 apple, sliced thin
    1 plum, sliced thin
    1 pear, sliced thin
    2-3 cinnamon sticks
    Combine all ingredients in a pitcher with ice water and place in refrigerator; adding more water as needed.

    I don't make this but you could use strawberries and sliced jalapeno's
    One point that I want to make; I use bottled water and Not water from the faucet but your choice.

    Link on the How-To's and suggested fruit, herbs, etc.

  4. There are two spots for fruit infused water here at Vantage House every day. So good after a work out with exercise class. It's always a new mixture of fruit each day.

  5. Yum. And mint added to almost any fruit will give it a lift. You can experiment with the different kinds of mint too.

  6. So many yummy combos. Just be a bit careful of the citrus water. If you have too much, particularly lemons, it can affect the enamel on your teeth.

  7. Now I want to try infused water. I imagine I can find the infusion bottles online? Maybe the water would help me give up diet coke.


  8. My personal favorite is pineapple cucumber mint, or cucumber, lime and mint. Whenever pineapples are cheap I buy several slice and freeze them. I put the hard cores in a separate bag and freeze them too, When I want infused water I put the cores in with cukes and mint leaves, then sometimes add a slice of the real pineapple. It is so good and so refreshing. Same with the limes and cukes. Sadly my mint plant did not survive the drought so it will be while before my new ones are ready for me to start using.

  9. Good for both of you for breaking the soda habit! I did the same several years ago after drinking diet coke for many, many years of teaching kindergarten. I started drinking infused water also. I just wash and then slice limes, lemons, strawberries, etc. and then add some mint from my mint pots - really refreshing on a hot summer day. I like to use key limes instead of regular limes - the key limes seem to be sweeter and less tart. I bought a 30 oz. Yeti cooler to keep it cold all day and refill it several times a day.
    Your strawberry-blueberry-orange combination looks delicious - something I need to try.

  10. I just squeeze lemon and/or lime into my water glass every morning. Love it!

  11. 1st Man,

    Ball Company (the canning company) makes these tall canning jars which are twisted in design just for water and fruit/veggies. I seen them for the first time today at the local Tractor Supply Store.
    Your pitchers of water and fruit look so inviting. Drinking water infused with fruit and veggies is so much better for our bodies than drinking soda. Congrats on getting away from soda dear friend.

  12. Today; Star Wars Day; May the Force Be With You

  13. I tried the Flat Belly Diet from Prevention and every day you had to drink a quart of Sassy Water. You made it the night before, super easy: 1 cucumber sliced, 1 lemon sliced, grated ginger & a bunch of mint leaves. It was super refreshing and very good for you!


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