Friday, May 5, 2017


Here are a couple of shots of the house, for those new to the blog and old friends as well.  We figured they'd make a good "end of the week" post.  

Farmhouse front
This is the front of the house, taken from where the driveway sort of opens up into the front yard.  The stairs go up onto the porch, the front door is there.  Another set of stairs on the end is in front of the car (you'll see that in the next picture).  

The left end of the porch (the add-on at the end) is where the other door is that goes into the mudroom/utility room.  You can also make out the new flowerbeds along the front. Not much is planted in them yet but hey, at least the hard part is done!  

Farmhouse back
This is from one corner of the backyard, the back of the house. You can see the stairs that come down on the other corner of the porch.  We'll have flowerbeds along the side for sure that go from the stairs down the side, but probably not across the back.  Of course we say that now but next Fall I might get a wild hair and go all the way around the house.  We'll see!

FYI, the fruit trees are off to the right of this photo.

We have some interesting future plans for this end (side) of the house.  The branch you can see on the left side of the photo is part of "Barnabas", the party/dinner tree.  Those porch steps go down and toward the tree, hence the reason it will be perfect for a party (someday).

We'll get some more pics soon to give you a layout of other parts of the property and how they relate to each other...


  1. Your porch is awesome. That's one thing I want in my future, a big porch, screened in since we'll likely be living in the woods. Your house is very cozy looking! :)

  2. What a wonderful farmhouse, filled to the brim with all you Thursday potentials! It is a lovely place.

  3. what a wonderful place! i can't wait to see all of those flower beds in bloom!

  4. Thanks! It helps once in a while to be refreshed about the layout and the location of new plantings. I love all the doors.

  5. Quaint little farmhouse.
    Just wait till you get flowers planted in them front beds and they begin to bloom; it's going to be beautiful with added color out front.
    Perfect party area right there by your tree.
    Neighbors dog must not had been around on that day. Would had made a great addition laying on your front porch or at the bottom of the steps.
    Noticed one thing; you have no back door.
    Always enjoy seeing your photos. Thank you

  6. Your farm house is just perfect for the country. I definitely have porch envy!
    And your party tree is in a wonderfully convenient location. The flower beds are going to be gorgeous when in full bloom.
    Thanks for the visual - it helps to “see” where everything is being planted, built, and planned for.


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