Saturday, May 6, 2017


OK, who knew there was a day like this?  Today (and every year on the first Saturday of May) is 

*you can google it, there is a website for it and there are some NSFW pics there Your own risk of what you want to see or not see, ha!

(not 1st or 2nd Man in a red hat)
Apparently there is a worldwide movement to encourage people to get out, get naked and do some gardening.   

And on top of that, HOUSTON was just voted the best city in the United States for naked gardening at this time of year.  Apparently, it's because of our amazing early May weather, just the right combination of conditions.  I do have to say, this weekend IS amazing, cool, clear, breeze, low humidity, absolutely perfect for being nude outside.

Local news outlets said that if you see your neighbor in the buff, don't be surprised, they are just taking advantage of the best place in the country to do it!

So today it's off to the farm to do some mowing, planting of some things and yes, gardening...

I know, I know, the burning question is will there be nudity during this gardening adventure?



  1. Have never heard of naked gardening day. Not me, No way, No how. Have too many planes and helicopters that fly over and sure wouldn't want any of them to crash because of me.
    Oh, them naughty gnomes. Leaves a whole new meaning to 'moon shine.'

    Enjoy your day.

    I got 5 1/2 pints of salsa made early this morning along with some good ole homemade bread. I now have the rest of the day to work outside on this beautiful day.

  2. Love the naked gnome, but not going to join him, lol. I get to many scrapes when I garden. Catherine in south MS.

  3. seriously? waaay out there on the farm it would be a CRIME not to go naked!

  4. Lol...if you have the weather, I say get nekid. It's too cold and rainy for that here! :)

  5. Well dears, if you get naked it can be fun.....just watch out for any brambles or thorns!!!

  6. who knew that there was an international nekkid gardening day! we celebrate nekkid everything day every single day of the year that we can - we hate clothes! with a passion! and todd gunther above is The Man - it would be a crime to live in the country and not garden nekkid! think Ruth Stout!

    sending much love to your hopefully bare butts out in the garden! your friend,

  7. And the answer is?!!!!

  8. I have no desire to get naked where there is green to touch me because I am just allergic to anything green. I wear a sweatshirt, long pants, and gloves as long as I can stand the sweatshirt. I am quite sure those who clear land have enough sense to wear something. You guys have parts that might get caught up in equipment. I will just stick a naked gnome in my yard to celebrate. I am guessing you won't be nekkid!

  9. Not giving the mosquitoes more acreage to feast on here.

  10. Used to do it all the time at the farm, but now, someone would shoot me, thinking they were doing me a favor to put me out of my misery. And, yes, I got caught many times; ran like a linebacker back to the house.

  11. Just got back from the lake, but I am pretty sure the side yard that needs the most tending has a bit too much poison ivy to warrant nekkid gardening.

  12. Those gnomes are braver than me!

  13. I thought that a friend of mine was joking when she posted this a few days ago! I guess not. Ummm, better load up on a really good sun block?!


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