Thursday, May 18, 2017


Every Thursday we like to post a picture of something we've found online that inspires us to do something similar at the farm.  
Sort of our own blog bulletin board so that we can eventually look back and someday, hopefully anyway, recreate it...enjoy!

One thing that's on the dream list for the farm is a greenhouse.  However, I go back and forth between a large(ish) size and a smaller size.  

A larger one would be nice to have the space for small trees, setting up the seedlings for Spring, etc.   But realistically, our weather here is usually fairly mild in Winter and I'm not sure we'd have a need for the space and footprint that a big one would take up.  There is not that much we'd have to put in there and that's when the small size comes back into focus.

 When we see something like this, I fall in love with small all over again.  Seems like the perfect size for holding seedlings, a few bush type plants or small saplings for a few days of freezing weather...with the added benefit of looking kinda fabulous!

Be inspired!


  1. That is adorable little house. Quant little place to sit and have a cup of tea or tall glass of ice tea.
    I have seen greenhouse made using old windows and doors but there is A lot to consider in putting up a green house.

  2. I do love it too. It this case smaller is better. I had a aunt who once had a small heated greenhouse which she kept her orchid collection. It was very beautiful. The smaller greenhouse would look nice with a small surrounding garden around it too, like the one shown.

  3. I love the peonies that are planted by that cute house. I only wish I could grow them here in Texas:{ I love peonies

  4. Tramp 1 "gave" me a greenhouse for my birthday several years ago. It was a picture of one that he wanted to build for me. Having a few years to think about it, I have decided that a 1/2 greenhouse, 1/2 potting shed would be best for me in our climate. I would not want to heat a greenhouse all winter here but do need some space to protect some of my less hardy plants in winter. Could be a win-win but I know he won't get around to building it, so when I am ready, I will hire it done. Much faster that way!

  5. Thar greenhouse looks like it was made from windows on the top and either windows or doors on the sides. I would check out doors or windows from Restore and see what you can find and let that partially determine the size. I think larger than that would be best, but maybe not too large. I would want enough room to sit and relax.

  6. That is a cutie, but could be too small to 'work' in. I think I would opt for slightly larger.

  7. I made one that looks like that from old windows. It was too hard to keep heated in winter and houses all tillers and tools etc. Then I built another one out of wood and clear plastic and metal frame. Let me just tell you, I thought it would be big enough and it isn't. I think you can never have a big enough greenhouse.

  8. We had a greenhouse made out of builders plastic. Inside was a raised garden bed with a path all the way around and room at either end for shelving. It allowed us to germinate seeds and seedlings early, have tomatoes longer and grow things that the frost would normally kill like Ginger. Keeping it warm enough when in the middle of winter was very hard, being on standalone solar we couldn't afford any heating. We are about to rebuild another greenhouse and this time we will allow space at either ends for a compost bin, for our grass clippings etc so smell shouldn't be a problem) as these absorb a lot of heat during the day and then hold it so hopefully this will solve the warming issue. I can certainly see a chair or two and a small table in the glass greenhouse. A great place to have a cuppa on a cold, cloudless winters day!

  9. That's a cute little greenhouse. I would definitely construct it with room for a little table and a couple of chairs - a beautiful, cozy place to relax with tea/coffee.
    As others said, it does look like it was made from old windows. The Antique Rose Emporium in Brenham had one like that - until they got a bad hail storm a few years ago. They re-built with a solid roof instead of a glass roof.

  10. I bought a Palram greenhouse on clearance. It's only 4x6 but perfect for over-wintering my plumerias, palms and baby plants. I'm near Corpus, so I have it in filtered shade.
    If I ever get the house finished,;) I'll build a bigger shed/greenhouse combo.


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