Sunday, May 14, 2017


Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there...

2nd Man and I lost our Moms far too soon.  We just wish they could both be here now, enjoying time on the farm with us. We know they would have loved it.

Guest Room
 That's one reason we gave our guest room a more feminine feel to it.  We used pieces and favorite things (flowers and colors for example) from both our Moms to decorate it so we always feel them there.  

So to 2nd Man's Mom Edna and my Mom Linda, we wish them, and all of you reading this, a 
Happy Mother's Day!



  1. that room is soooo beautiful! not only a tribute to your mothers but a tribute to all mothers out there. don't be surprised if some mothers start sending you emails asking to rent it. but they will probably expect the pancakes, bacon and eggs breakfast that you guys make. oh, and while yer at it - can you send me some of that dewberry cake????

    your mothers are probably up in heaven hanging out with each other, sipping sweet tea, enjoying the birds and the flowers and bees...and being very proud of the both of you.

    sending much love to the both of always! your friend,

    1. Ha, we might have to take reservations, ha. I wish I could get some dewberry cake to you. I would if I could!!!

      Thanks for the sweet comments! Love to you!

  2. The room is a lovely memory and a way to honor them. Any guy should feel at home there. What's not like about flowers and softness?! It looks like a comfortable place.

    1. What a nice way to say it. Even guys need a soft edge, it makes us well rounded, right? Thanks!!!!

  3. I know what you mean. My mum died 5 days after first meeting my now husband so I miss her not being a part of 'us', my kids and our property. Your room looks so beautiful. I could see any woman being happy there but I can particularly see your mothers being right at home in that bedroom. I haven't read the other posts yet, running late getting the kids ready for school, so forgive me if I am repeating things but, they say as long as you remember them, they are still with you. I believe the spirit visits the familiar all the time so they are never far. It's not the same though, is it?

    1. Wow. Yep, that's how we feel, his Mom never met me, and while my Mom loved Adrian, she passed before we had the farm and we missed her input on it along the way. I miss my Dad's input as well, so much they could have both done to help with it.

      No worries you didn't repeat and even if you did, it doesn't matter, we always need to remember this. They are always with us, and I think they visit too.

      Happy Mother's Day to you!

  4. Such a lovely room.
    Happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's and Grandmothers out there.
    I lost my mother 7 years ago and lost my dear, sweet mother-in law in 1969; the following day after our wedding.

    1st and 2nd Man; this is for you guys, in Memory of your mother's

    In Loving Memory of Edna and Linda
    Your life was a blessing,
    your memory a treasure.
    you are loved beyond words
    and missed beyond measure.
    Author Unknown

    1. The day AFTER your wedding? Wow. So sad. And you've lost your Mom too just about the same time we lost my Mom.

      Thank you so much for the sweet words. Made us teary eyed but in a good way. Thank you and happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  5. Such a lovely room! Both of your moms are so proud of you and are smiling down from heaven, loving this memory-room and you both.

    1. Yep, we feel it every time we are there.


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