Sunday, July 2, 2017


 It's been a HOT weekend.  REALLY hot.  And humid. Our "feels like" temperature yesterday was 106 degrees at the hottest point of the day.  Ugh.

But I mowed everything, it was a bit higher than normal but not as high as it has ever been.  Here's a picture of 2nd Family's horse.  We always love when they have her in their back pasture, which is sort of our "front yard" so it's very relaxing to watch.

But I mowed it all....and then I really just ran out of energy.  Plus one of our window units has stopped cooling (we only have two), so the house was hotter than normal. Not much we could do inside. 

Now we have to decide about replacing both units. Since they are both the same model and both were put in new at the same time, the other one is probably on its way out as well. 

It's always something with an old house...

I planted the pentas I bought Thursday (it perked up after watering, ha). One in the middle of each of the front three flowerbeds. Then I planted the two lemongrass, one in each flowerbed in front of the garden. I just forgot to take some more pictures. Or perhaps I just ran out of energy and my mind wasn't thinking that far ahead, ha. We're holding off on the other bigger plants for now, keeping them on the porch (out of the heat) and watered until we plan some new flowerbeds.

Garden update tomorrow (hint, it's fading fast, ha) but I did snap this picture from the rear of the garden to give a different angle than we usually post.  We are staying in town today where it's nice & cool.  

Hope you are having a great weekend...and that it is cooler than ours!  

Edit to add:  Today is now Monday and I'm off to the farm to do a bit more, early, before the oppressive heat of the afternoon.  Off work today and tomorrow so it will be a nice long weekend for sure.  

The plans are to close up parts of the garden for the Summer and "maybe" start a new flower bed.  

Oh and edge.  I have to edge.  Ugh. 

Tomorrow will be the 4th of July and a great day to stay inside where it's cool.  


  1. The view of the horses in the front yard is charming--sort of like chickens but without the work. I love buying "dead" plants and reviving them with tlc. While it is definitely not a long-term solution, I keep a box fan to push air from the room with ac. That bit of cool air can cool the house a bit even if the air is not hitting me. It is cooler here, but not more comfortable with afternoon showers and high humidity.

  2. we aren't that much cooler here. i HATE this weather. the horse is wonderful. you get to look but have none of the work. will you be at the farm for the 4th?

  3. Definitely cooler here than you are. A LOT cooler. For which I am grateful.
    Mowing in that heat would have me bed bound. Look after yourself.

  4. It might be a little cooler here but not a lot. Right now it is 9:30 pm 88 degrees with 87 percent humidity. Today was a yard work day at the lake place and it was insanely hot and humid. Ever thankful for riding lawnmowers!

  5. Yep, this heat really saps everything out of a person. And then you couldn't even cool off well afterwards because of your ac.
    But your yard looks so nice afterwards.
    Love your pentas. They will be something pretty to greet you every time you pull up to your farmhouse. I planted some in my front flowerbeds also.

  6. The your view of your yard, garden and sheds in the back ground.
    Texas heat is brutal.
    Not only can you fry an egg on the sidewalk
    but you can use your mailbox as a toaster oven.

  7. Hi 1st Man! Usually by this time we have 40 degree weather too (104-ish) and need our a/c's too but we only put them on lately when the humidity makes our cocktail glasses sweat indoors lol...lots of humidity here in the mountains. Our heat has finally arrived, and we get so little of it that I never want to come inside, even though I'm hot as hades you think you'll have horses in your future? We thought about it, they remind me of big dogs! But we don't know if we have the time needed to care for them...

  8. I'm so glad it's not that hot here at the moment. It's been a bit too hot for me at times, but I'm not complaining (even though it's what we Brits do best ;) )xx

  9. Hot in Illinois too. Storms predicted and needed! We're lucky in our small grain bin house that one small window AC unit keeps it very comfy. Still outside with livestock chores but we're doing them s-l-o-w-l-y.

  10. 2 1/2 inches of rain along with very strong winds that we received yesterday in the early morning hours.
    (missed not seeing a 4th of July post yesterday)

  11. 1st Man,

    It's been very hot and humid in TX and OK. The last 4 days we've had rain off and on. I would definitely take it slow on planting in this heat. You don't want what you've planted to end up dying on you.
    Air conditioning is needed in order to survive inside with the heat outside. I hope you're able to find something to replace the unit that stopped working. Stay cool and Happy 4th!

  12. Suggestion re the AC units... We installed a "split mini" and love it ... it works on the heat pump principle so very inexpensive to use. We put it in the bedroom that has a large wall that gets summer sun ... plus two walls with lots of glass ... it just hums away all day, off and on, keeping perfect temp, much quieter than window units ... we love it ... I don't know what your costs there would be ... but the inside unit is mounted up high on the wall and doesn't interfere with windows .. plus looks better ... outside unit is just a fan .. and only a conduit runs between. No big plumbing, no holes in the wall, etc. I'd really suggest looking into these. We bought Fujitsu brand ... probably many other good brands out there, though this came highly recommended by several friends who have done the same thing. You can get them that (depending on location) would have only 1 outside unit and two inside units... (called heads) or have two totally separate ones.. I think you'd be much happier in the long haul ... and because they operate by heat pump principle, you get heat from them in winter if you wish .. again very inexpensive to run. For our use, where we wanted the bedroom much cooler, it actually brought down the electric bill as we turn off the main AC at night ... You have my email if you have more questions. Good luck ... but gotta say we love ours and strongly recommend it over window units.


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