Saturday, July 1, 2017


Well, I took a day off Thursday and ran some errands.  I decided to pop in some garden centers and boy did I score some deals for the farm!!

This is the back of the Stormtrooper (Jeep) full of the day's haul.  I went to the first place and found a bunch of plants on clearance. There were FOUR of the "Texas Lilac" bushes.  They are perfect, not sure why they were on clearance.  I asked how much, the lady at the register said "I'm not sure, how does $3 each sound?".  They were 5 gallon containers originally priced at $19.98.  Um yeah, sounds great!  

I also picked up three lantana plants, 1 gallon size, she said they were $1 each. 

Then I stopped at a local garden center chain and found this Pecan tree.  It's about 8 feet tall.  Elliott variety.  
Original price $50.  Sale price, 75% off, so $12.50!

My last stop was at another favorite place and while they didn't have a clearance sale, they did have a pretty good sale on smaller sizes that we had been looking for. In this picture are two lemongrass plants, the small size that will go very easily into our flower beds in front of the garden, one on each side of the gate entrance. There are also four pentas (we love those bushes and they grow SO easily here) and a plant that is called a "cigar plant" (cuphea). Hummingbirds love it (supposedly, ha).  

Again, these were all in the smaller containers and were only $2 each! They'll be easier to plant in our flowerbeds because they are shallow and as they grow, the roots can find their way down into the ground.  Everything we've planted in the beds that started off small is growing nicely.  It's just hard to find the really small perennials this late in the season.  So glad I did.  

Today is off to the farm, with this load of plants.  But alas, after rain out last weekend, I'm worried about the grass but it is what it is, I'll mow since that's what I have to do.  Then I'll have to check the garden (2nd Family was given permission to harvest whatever they wanted since we weren't there).  

The weather is hot...and very humid.  This is our early Summer forecast usually for weeks at a time.  

Updates later in the weekend!


  1. great finds and good thing you have lots of room!

  2. Wonderful bargains and you now have your pecan tree as well. The squirrels will love you for that. :}
    From the looks of it, you will be busy planting for a hour or 2.
    I think we all need to go shopping with you with all the bargains that you come up with.
    Had rain all morning long so once again no roofers. Wed. is the next scheduled date so lets hope I will finally get the roof on my shed.

  3. Wow, you got some great deals!


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