Saturday, July 15, 2017


Yep rain in the forecast for later today and all day tomorrow and Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and well, you get the picture.  It's shaping up to be a wet week.  But you know what?  We don't mind, it's been very dry at the farm.  In town has had some nice rains but the farm has been hit and miss, with more misses than hits.  

Not even sure I'll have to mow, but one thing for sure, it IS hot.  There won't be much done outside today.  Oh I DO have to edge.  Been putting that off, ugh, but have to do it.  Also going to see if I can do some work on the porch today, assuming I don't have to mow.  The porch is getting a little out of control because it's just so easy to put stuff on the porch and leave it "for next time".

Pics and updates later!


  1. For all the rain that has been predicted here, we have gotten little where I am located. South of me in and around Birmingham, they have gotten so much there is flooding. I saw a band of storms stretching across the middle of the state and was bracing myself. However, when it was about 20 miles south of here and sweeping north, it dissolved in the middle that was heading my way. Both ends just shot out east and west leaving me with not one drop and only a slight breeze. Ha! I like watching the progression of storms.

    Don't we all have one of those places to drop things for "later"?

  2. Colour me jealous. We get most of our rain in winter. But haven't this year.
    Look after yourself in the heat.

  3. Hope you got some things done at the Farm before the rain. I got 1.5 inches this afternoon - it came in a pretty big storm. At least it cooled things off for awhile and everything in the yard got a good drink.

  4. Linda we have had insane rain lately. The hot tub in the back yard is waiting on a repair so we have drained it__4 times now.

  5. Anne,
    I see all the rain dumped on you. That is a lot of rain to keep filling your hot tub.


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