Friday, November 10, 2017


Believe it or not, this is a relatively new discovery on the property.

Our hotter than usual Summer followed by the hurricane rains, exposed this spot.  Ironically, it's in an area that we can't currently get to because there is water around part of it and heavier vegetation behind that.  

In order to get this picture I had to find a clearing that I could stand in and then zoom into.  It's so pretty but we have no clue what kind of trees they are.  They are completely different than any other trees on the property so we'll need to make sure that in the future, as we clear and change the property, we leave these alone.

2nd Man said we should blow this up into a framed print.  Nice weather (hopefully) coming for us this weekend.  Excited for the possibilities.  Now we just need Mother Nature to cooperate.


  1. Beautiful area. I agree with 2ndMan, picture should be enlarged and framed in old rustic wood frame
    It may be an Ash or family of the Ash family.
    Too bad it has no leaves shown as it might be easier to identify.
    Be sure to let us know if you find out what type of trees them are.

  2. Beautiful picture! They look like some kind of poplar, which do tend to grow in groves, somewhat connected underground. I remember reading once that the largest living organism is a grove of poplars. Maybe you won't have to be so careful around them!

  3. I agree with 2nd Man, frame it! As for the trees, just from looking at the structure and bark I'm going to guess something in the Poplar family or maybe Black Tupelo.

  4. Poplar was my guess, a completely uneducated It's like you are discovering new continents. I'm surprised you have never seen that before. Have you asked anyone around there what the trees could be?

  5. Poplars;

  6. What a gorgeous grove of trees! Your photograph captured the beauty of nature’s own lovely composition. 2nd Man is right - it needs to be framed.
    Isn’t it fun to explore and discover new, intriguing places!

  7. Lovely grove! I agree about blowing it up for art work. Son2 took some beautiful pictures of a cotton field and abandon train trestle (old wooden one) near the lake place. We had them blown up and printed on canvas and love them.

  8. It looks like a painting... ;)


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