Saturday, November 4, 2017


It's a yucky, humid, hot weekend.  Upper 80's?  In NOVEMBER?  We're breaking records almost daily.  

This is the forecast for the upcoming week. We might have a break next weekend, but not sure how long it will last. One thing is for sure, it won't be one of those "hundred project weekends" ha.  It will probably be another one of those one day weekends, watering, pulling some weeds, moving some things around and that's it.  Sigh.  

But hey, we still have the Astros victory parade yesterday to keep us in a happy place!  They say a MILLION people showed up in downtown Houston to celebrate.  It was truly a sight to see!

Update later...and don't forget...


  1. We are supposed to have some unusual 80 degree days. Right now, it is in high 70s and feel marvelous. I have puttered outside and done a few things without breaking a sweat or feeling like I cannot breathe. Glad your team winning has you in a happy place.

  2. Know what you mean.
    We reached a Texas high that has never happened before in Texas which was 95 deg. here yesterday. Very unusual for month of Nov. It's 84 deg. as of right now (3:00PM)
    Enjoy your eveing and especially enjoy the races this weekend.

  3. when we won in 2008, we had the same large turnout. those were the days...

    hope you watched the parade from your high perched apartment.

  4. Oh, cute about time change.
    Thanks for Cher-ing. :}
    Also good time for Everyone to check/change your smoke detector batteries as well as your carbon dioxide batteries.

  5. We were in the upper 70s today with low humidity. It felt good. Franklin and I went for a long walk.


  6. Yes, it's crazy weather for November - hoping the cool front makes it in on Wednesday.
    I watched Astros parade on TV yesterday - fantastic! They think a million people turned out for it.
    Thanks for "Chering" the reminder about the time change!

  7. way to go astros! your weather would do me in!


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