Tuesday, November 28, 2017


At the farm, as I was in and out of the barn, I kept hearing noises on the property next to us.  So I glanced outside and saw this.

I walked closer to get a better view...

And leaned over the fence to get a better look. I think there are some new ones from the last time we saw them.  Saw a few young ones too, we guess they are breeding.

They were actually friendly, these two came over to the fence and let me scratch them on the head.  Beautiful animals for sure, we love their coloring and the curve of their horns.  Very exotic looking.

Not sure if they are all the same breed, etc, but it was fun to interact with them and watch them do their thing (eat everything). Having neighbor animals at the fence when I'm outside (be it cows or donkeys or horses or these guys) is like having company over.  Plus they are fun to just have around and we can leave whenever we want to, ha. 


  1. That is very cool! I wish some goats lived next door to the lake place. I would invite them over for a snack (and a little free weeding)

  2. Lucky you. Intelligent animals. And excellent weeders.

  3. Goats love citrus, lantana, collards...(lol)

  4. what a fun surprise! We get the deer, foxes, mountain lion(or bobcat) depending on which neighbor spotted it. And, we have wild turkeys in a suburb south of Denver. love it! laura

  5. They are really sweet-looking. How nice that they're friendly too!

  6. Jimmy; I was thinking the same thing :} along with everything else that is planted for human consumption.
    Pretty goats ; as long as They stay on Their own side of the fence that is, then other names may pop into my head. :}
    I must say; you do have some fascinating neighbors


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