Friday, January 19, 2018


We had a wonderful thing happen at the farm last weekend, during the cold spell.  We heard the sound long before we saw them. 

Look at this picture?  Do you see them?  They are there.  Click to enlarge.  

That's not smoke...

It's geese!  Hundreds, probably thousands, of geese flying South, we presume for the Winter.  

It's an amazing sight to see and hear.  Such a neat thing, I wish I could have gotten the sound on audio.  They flew right over the house and the sound was incredible, even as high up as they were. 

Nature is incredible...


  1. plenty of geese out here in the suburbs. they hang out at golf courses.

  2. I am ready for them to fly North not South! That is an amazing picture.

  3. they make so much noise. i love it when i see them flying!

  4. When I moved to the country, I used to run out of the house, (sometimes too fast and rolling down the lawn), to see the geese flying over. Sometimes they were low and sometimes high. Others would try to overtake the leader. At least it looked like it. Joy. I am feeding to overwintering geese on a frozen lake out back. Bet they wish they had flown south.

  5. What a wonderful thing to see and hear.

  6. Smart geese, flying further south before the cold front! That sure is a large number of them. You captured a great picture.
    I love seeing and hearing the geese flying overhead. When I lived in the country, I had lots of rice fields and grain fields around me. By wintertime, they had been harvested but there was still grain on the ground. The geese would migrate to these fields and feed all winter - a beautiful sight to see.

  7. Fantastic! What a wonderful sight!

  8. What a wonderful site and you where so lucky to experience and able to snap photos. Them geese Do make A lot of noise when flying overhead. We have had some but not near as large a flock as you. (with that large a flock; hope you had a hat on. :} Sure don't want anything unexpected dropping from the sky on your head. :}
    Thank you
    Enjoy your weekend; along with the much warmer temperatures.

  9. Seeing geese always makes my day. What a wonder they are. Thank you for posting this.

  10. Such an exciting sound! Live in East Yorkshire in the UK, and suddenly this Autumn we had a flock flying north overhead soon after sunrise and then back south in the evening. Only happened a few times, think they were roosting in a nature reserve and then feeding in fields to the north of us during the day. Probably building up strength for migrating, as we only saw this for a few days. Love watching wildlife!

  11. WOW! I have never seen so many!

  12. These monthly pics are fantastic! After my separation, then divorced (congratulations on your wedding!) from my husband, I moved from the city and onto 3/4 of an acre. It is a lot for one person as I can't seem to get my now 11 year old son to do much, but I love the challenge. He does like to drive the riding lawn mower...when it decides to work! I have pretty much a clean slate. My house is a converted 145 year old church with a cemetary to match. (no, there is no headstones, they were taken out back in the 50's), bodies are still in the ground so I can't really build structures.
    I plan to build some raised beds with there own separate irrigation systems as I have 2 small wells/cisterns that are not in use but are constantly full. Gotta utilize what I have, right!?! :).
    I think taking a month by month picture is great, especially when this year I want to journal my progress! I also like to do canning and cook.
    Thanks for this wonderful post I found on Pinterest! (I'm a Pinterest junkie, Ha ha ha ha ha)

    Canadian Girl


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