Friday, January 5, 2018


Quick post today...

Hobart (left) and Brisbane (right) "sharing" the desk in the bedroom. And why yes, that is an afghan and a blanket on top of the desk put there for their comfort of course.  

And yes, we removed the lamp, and the pen holder, and the other items so there was room.  

And they share.  Sort of.  

It was a cold day and the warm sun was so inviting, we almost laid on the floor in front of the desk.   

More later this weekend and then next week, everything back to normal with daily postings and  replies to all your wonderful comments.  

Hope you are having a good week.  


  1. Like your fur babies; I also have been enjoying the sunshine. Was such a beautiful day here yesterday that I was busy moving Christmas item out to my shed with only a sweater on. Enjoying the warmer temperatures for sure.
    Enjoy your day and have a great evening

  2. lucky kitties.
    wish we had sun; all we have is 6" of new snow and 12F temps and high winds.

  3. I hear you on the 'sort-of' sharing.
    Love the kitties and hope your weekend is wonderful.

  4. if only everyone would care for their cats as you do,, and I would be right there in the sun too,, its so cold here!! 30 below!

  5. Cute, cozy kitties! They know how to find all the best places and claim them for their own. Like your kitties, I am really enjoying this beautiful sunshine.

  6. Hello, I read your blog for the first time today. Love the cats - I had to search your posts to find out why they had been called that - as I live on the Sunshine Coast which is just north of Brisbane, Queensland in Australia.

    No wonder your cats are seeking warm places, I went to Banff, Canada in January last year and it was -28 (Celsius) brrr. It's summer here of course, humid with thunderstorms most afternoons, early 30s Celsius. In winter, as long as you stand in the sun and there's no wind, you can get away with a long sleeved teeshirt.

    1. Hello! I wanted to reply to you, and say thank you. I hope you found the answer. If not, my first cat was Sydney. I got him in 1995. I named him that because I was/am obsessed with Australia. The county I want to visit. When we found our second cat in 2000, it seemed to make sense to use another city in Australia. So we chose Brisbane. Then our third kitty was Hobart (it was between that and Melbourne, he just seemed more like a Hobart, ha. Anyway, that's the story. But check tomorrow's post. Unfortunately there is a reason we've been absent for a few days. Sad news.


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