Monday, January 22, 2018


It was a warmer day and overcast when we got to the farm on Saturday.  But it smelled like rain (side note, I love the smell of coming rain).

Everything is brown and lifeless now.
16 degrees will do that.

The cabbage is still growing.  There are heads in the middle but not sure if we'll ever get any.  We're willing to wait, until it's time to use the bed for Spring planting of course, ha!  

Come on cabbage, we're rooting for you!

The citrus.  Ah...the citrus.  Well, I took the covers off and checked them.  Some damage but I see green branches.  This is the orange tree.  The lemon was the same.

We are holding out hope for those two...

...but this is the lime tree.  It looks a little worse for wear.  I do see some hint of green though.  We'll see in the Spring.  Does anyone have advice on them?  Do we pluck off all the leaves or just let them fall off naturally?  Wait till Spring?  Water regularly or let rain take care of it?  What to prune off the obviously dead branches? 

Alas, HERE is a definite casualty of the freeze.  Forgot to take the top of the birdbath and flip it upside down.  It filled with rain and then when it froze, well, let's just say we'll be needing a new one.  

Lesson learned.

On the good news front, 2nd Man was worried about his Bay Laurel tree, it was fine.  We harvested some leaves to bring back and use in cooking. 

Also harvested a basket of collard greens.  Brought them back, washed and cleaned them, chopped them and they are in the fridge awaiting use.  

Forgot to post this picture the other day with the freeze post.  2nd Family left a tub of water outside and at 16 degrees, it didn't take long to become solid.  They chipped down into it and it was about 3 inches thick.

We're hoping these major freezes are done for this year.  We might have another light freeze in February (we usually do) but there have never been any hard freezes after January.

Of course until this year, there had never been three snowfalls in one season either so...


  1. Your cabbage looks so healthy - since the heads are forming, it won’t be long now before you can harvest. If I planted some really late cabbage which is still there at Spring planting time, I just harvest the unformed leaves.
    Your citrus trees look pretty sad but they should live. Give it a couple of weeks, then scratch the outer layer - if you see green, it’s alive, if it’s brown, it’s dead and needs to be removed. Your poor lime tree - limes are the least cold tolerant of all citrus - test its branches with the same “scratch” test. I covered my key limes with the same product as you but I also added 2 blankets to each because key limes do not like the cold - both of mine made it and even their leaves are still green.
    So sad about your lovely bird bath - since the broken off pieces look pretty big, I wonder if you could super-glue it all back together.
    3 inches of ice and 16 degrees - that is sooo cold for this area of Texas. It was 19 degrees here. Hoping that this is the end of our really bad cold. It’s sunny and fairly warm right now and that’s the way I like it!

    1. Thanks, I hope we get some eventually but like you said, if it doesn't get here fast enough, cabbage leaves! Ha! We knew the trees were at risk, this was their first year. If they survive, we know they'll be pretty hardy and we can take better steps next Winter. I know the limes are the most sensitive of all. This one is a Persian lime which is supposed to be the most cold hardy, though still much more sensitive than the orange and lemon. Fingers crossed!

      I didn't think about gluing it, that might work. Maybe some of that "as seen on tv" stuff so it doesn't leak. I'll see about that this weekend. Stay tuned!

      Yes, 16 was REALLY cold for this part of the state. I am ready for Spring.

  2. I would leave the leaves where they are for the moment. And no pruning until the danger of another freeze is past.
    Good luck.

    1. Thanks, will do that, just leave it alone (we could have another freeze in February) and then we'll see what happens in March/April. Thank you!

  3. Also sorry about your beautiful birdbath but with a little hammer and some great glue there's a mosaic just waiting to grace your home (serving tray, maybe a picnic table...).

    1. Aww, thanks, what a cool idea if I can get it back together. That's a great way to repurpose it. We'll see what happens, thanks!!

  4. I do hope the citrus makes it, but I fear they are kaput. Especially the lime. Next time put them in pots and overwinter inside. Won't lose any.

    1. Yep, it was a hard freeze and even the cover would have only kept it 8 degrees warmer and that's still 20's. We'll see. The lime I'm going to just be surprised if it DID come back, the lemon and orange I'll hold out hope!! Stay tuned, ha.

  5. Your birdbath seems made of the same terra cotta material as a planter I have in the shape of a large pig. I also left it out and one of its legs broke off!! Think I can fix it though or at least turn it so the fracture doesn't show. This weather is tough on all things this year, living and not so living.

  6. Wait till early Spring Before pruning any 'dead' braches. Do bark test first by taking sharp pocket knife and do a light scrape on branch. If there is green underneath than it should still be good and good possible chance it will still bud out, but if it's all brown under the bark than go ahead and prune it off; the branch is dead. This process is good for any plants, whether it be trees, shrubs, etc.

    Always a good idea to put plants with clay pots, ceramic birdbaths, etc. indoors during the winter months. Any tiny bit of moisture and freeze on top of that has a good chance of cracking and / or breaking to pieces.


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