Tuesday, January 23, 2018


We're late on this post but wanted to share.  2nd Man and I spent the long Christmas weekend together instead of with family.  We had a good time and just being together in the quiet of home, no worries about work, was gift enough.  

Of course we DID have to get a visit from Santa, I mean it WAS Christmas after all, ha.  We usually try to just get two or three items each so that we have something to open.  We also try to be practical in things that we can truly use.  For me, almost always something related to the farm and gardening and for 2nd Man, it's almost always cooking related.

2nd Man remembered that during the Spring/Summer, when I'm mowing in the sun, I tend to get the back of my neck sunburned.  

So he found a fabulous hat for me:


OK, so it's not THIS hat...though this hat IS indeed fabulous!

Instead, he found this one!  It's awesome, has a wide brim, mesh around the head to let out heat, vent holes and of course a really substantial flap portion that covers ears and the entire back of the neck.  It will DEFINITELY be used this year.  

Then he remembered that I was always talking about listening to music on my iPhone while in the garden. 

So he found a great solution:

No, not this DIY lifehack speaker with stand, ha! 

Instead, he got not one but TWO of these for me!  They are wireless stereo speakers, waterproof and made for outdoor use.  Not to leave outside all the time but if they are in the garden and get dirty when I pick them up, or covered with grass clippings, or water splashed on them, there are no worries. 

They are rechargeable and bluetooth.  Now I can have one in the garden and another on the porch (or the barn/shed).  As I walk from place to place with my phone in my pocket, the music will follow me to each speaker via bluetooth.  

Nosey cows
It's going to be interesting to see how the neighbor's livestock reacts to the new sounds coming from the garden they are always so fascinated with.  I think I've heard that cattle like music?  

2nd Man got a new piece of Le Creuset to add to his collection (it's his favorite brand) and a couple of personalized items, a baking themed t-shirt and hat with his name on them.  Oh and speaking of cooking, a couple of cookbooks he had been wanting as well.  I always say his gifts to him are a win for me.  He gets a gift for cooking, I get the end result. 

Hope you all had a great end of year holiday season and got everything you wanted!


  1. OK now this post made me laugh out loud this morning. Especially that "fab hat" pic, hahaha!!!

    Have a great day!

  2. Great and funny post. Now I want the speakers! And a new piece of Le Creuset (2nd Man has great taste!)

  3. the cows would probably tip themselves if they saw you in that titanic hat! what nice gifts. i got my daughter and the chef 2 pieces of le creuset for xmas and they love them. i have a lot of it and it's among my favorites too.

  4. LOve the gifts. Do you mind sharing where 2nd man got the hat. That hat would be perfect for my sweetie. Thanks, Janie

  5. I always say I need a hat like that. There is one that has a piece that comes under the chin and covers a bit on chest. I don't need a sunburned and later wrinkly décolletage. You could wear a speaker in the hat. Cows love music. I always get practical gifts for children and grandchildren in NYC--gloves, hats, cosmetics.

  6. Great gifts. I love my Le Creuset cookware. Just wish I was smart enough to use it more often. I'm turning into a lazy cook.

    Cows do love music. I used to sing to the ones at the farm and they would come running up to the fence. Of course, they were also expecting snacks from the garden!

  7. but I bet you would look SO CUTE in that "fab hat"!

  8. I loved your funny surprise pictures as I was scrolling down - you got me each time - I laughed out loud. I have always loved Rose’s big hat and the scene where she slowly looks up from beneath it.
    And your cow picture - “Good, hopefully he’ll become vegetarian!” - so funny!
    Y’all gave each other some really great gifts that are perfect for each of you. That hat is so cool (literally!) and I have serious envy about the Le Creuset.

  9. Oh, aren't you being a funny guy today.
    Very stylish hats I must say. 1st hat photo; I used to have a hat almost like that; was white but not as big a bow; type of hat to wear when the wind isn't blowing.
    The cows / sayings are hilarious.
    Great gift exchange; everyone receiving something that you all can use.
    Now that is some fancy speaker stand. Another great use for them toilet paper tubes :}


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