Monday, January 1, 2018

2018 IS HERE

Another year has flown by.  2018 is here.  Seriously, it seems the older we get, the faster the years go by.  

Why is that?  

We're inside, staying warm.  It's freezing currently and we have a "feels like" temp of about 19.  

It's a good day for some comfort food and since we don't really make resolutions anymore, it's a great time for planning what we want to accomplish this year at the farm. 

Do you make resolutions?


  1. HNY! currently 16F here at 2p. no resolutions either.

  2. The only resolution I make very new year is to not make any resolutions. That's one I can always keep! Happy New Year from the frigid, not-going-to-get-above-freezing-today Southeast!

  3. 32F here in Upstate SC. Got the fireplace going, taking down the tree and sipping Mimosas :D Happy New year to you both!

  4. Happy New Year. Add me to the no resolutions list.

  5. It's 35 degrees at 4 p.m. In Florida, such a temperature means we cease to exist. I do not make resolutions. I always have goals. I met an important one this year.


  6. Happy New Year! No resolutions here either.
    It got a bit above freezing with a few peeks of sun around mid-day but now the temperature is going down steadily - brrr.
    I’ve been watching the birds at the feeder - I fed them extra today. They also got a baking project that did not turn out as well as I would like - but the birds are happy with it.
    My kitties are sleeping on the electric blanket that I turned on for them. I may join them for a nap.

  7. I don’t think I ever heard the word goal —except in the sense of a basketball goal — in all my years of elementary and high school. We didn’t have a school counselor, for one thing. I did encounter the word eventually when my work demanded yearly goals. I complied, but they were what was expected instead of real meaning. All of this is to say that I’m now not one for goals or resolutions. I know what I value, what I’d like my life to be, and how I can contribute. I try to aim in that direction.

  8. I make silly resolutions to not do things I don't do anyway. No trouble keeping them!
    Hope the year is wonderful for you.
    The canned haggis was a combination of delight (yes I won the regrettable food contest) and revulsion. The upside is that my sister's dogs really dig canned haggis!

  9. May you all have a year that is filled with love, laughter, brightness and hope.
    Here's wishing you all a Very Happy New Years.

    I really don't make any resolutions; but I always try to be and do the best I can in years to come.

  10. happy new year! it's so cold here that schools are canceled.

  11. Happy New Year!! to two of my favorite people. Since I'm stuck in the same town as you I'm getting just as cold without the fantastic view. :-)

    What are these resolutions you speak of? We don't need stinking resolutions!

    Lots of love!


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