Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Setting aside our in-town water drama of the last few days...the Zen Machine (my John Deere X320 lawn tractor) has been in the shop for a couple of weeks getting its every other year tuneup/checkup.

On the off year I do the filter and oil changing but on when we do this, they have free pickup and delivery and they go over it with a fine toothed comb.

They change everything (filters, belts, oil etc) like I normally do but then check for problems and fix those.  It cost a couple hundred dollars this year but it has a couple of new tires, new blades, new tie rods, and some other things tweaked and updated.  It's worth it every couple of years.  Oh and they wash and clean it, ha.

Not bad looking considering it's 8 years old this month!

Not my mower and not me
So I got on the mower and it was just like new.  I had a blast.  As always, especially in this cooler weather.  I know my Dad is looking down and thinking "why didn't he get that excited when he had to mow as a kid?" 

Not the same Dad, not the same!

Hey we just realized it was a Leap Day mowing!  Above are my stats for this weekend from my app.

When done it was nice and neat.  Of course I had already mowed once this year, at the end of January/early February.  That was unprecedented.

Now things are back on track for a nice long Spring, Summer and Fall of mowing.

This is the funny thing, the trees are still brown and lifeless.  They still think it's Winter.  But of course when you see them up close, there are tiny buds.  Soon this will all be green.  I'll have to take this same photo here in a month or so.


  1. Ha ha ha.….you have attracted a doozy of troll. Maybe she can cast a spell to make the Zen mow by itself, heh

    1. I marked it as spam and deleted. It should cause future ones from them to go to spam immediately. Of course, they just change their names, ha. But a spell for remote mowing would be where are my Harry Potter books....

  2. The trees are thinking about blooming? The weather here was 73F degrees on Monday. Of course, that unseasonable weather is what triggered the tornadoes in Nashville.

  3. I think these trees (mostly mesquite) can be late in some years. There is probably some old wise proverb about that but I don't know, ha. Yep, we were almost 80 but now today it's 53. Go figure.

    Tornadoes were so horrible. Keeping Nashville in our thoughts!

  4. Mowed our yard Sunday and now with the rain we have ben having;(almost 2 inches yesterday) it could use another mowing.
    For those of you who don't know3 much about Mesquite trees; or (Devil trees) as they are called by many farmers around.

    Chilly & wet here; 44 deg. at the moment.

  5. I grew up on 4 acres on an island in the San Juans in Washington state. As we slowly got brush cut over the first several years of living on that property, I mowed behind a push mower ... it got so almost all of the 4 acres were mowed "by hand" ... then the year I went away to college my folks bought a big riding mower!!! I got to use it once and caught hell for mowing some clover they were trying to encourage.... ya just can't win!!!


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