Friday, June 7, 2013


I discovered this curious twisted tree recently.

Look at the trunk, isn't that neat?  It's twisted, almost in a knot.  I'm guessing it had to have happened while it was small and flexible and it's grown that way ever since.

Since I try to name the unique trees on the property, I'm currently trying to think of a name for this one.

Any thoughts?


By popular opinion, and our favorite, I shall dub thee:



  1. I was going to say Corky for cork screwed, but I really like Twisted Sister!

  2. I have something similar in my yard. A vine had wrapped around the trunk and nearly choked the tree. I cut the vine off but the tree looks a lot like your Twisty One.

  3. I have several small beech trees that had bittersweet vines wrap around the trunks when they were saplings. Saved the trees by cutting off the vine. Trunk never recovers and remains twisted. I concur with Jaz: Oliver for Oliver Twist.

  4. I was learning about Native American prayer trees here the other day. They push them over and then after many years they grow back up. The trunk follows the ground then shoots back up. :)

  5. Another vote for Oliver Twist!! It's the first name I thought of and oh, so suitable, yes?

  6. Oliver Twist. No other will do.


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