Sunday, June 9, 2013


Farming Holiday Camp, vintage poster image courtesy of Imperial War Museum
The poster image this week comes to us from the UK and dates from WWII.

With soldiers off to war, the harvest still needed gathering and so with this one, the government was asking people to help harvest potatoes at a "Farming Holiday Camp".  Not sure how many people would consider a great holiday to be digging and harvesting potatoes, ha.  But hey, according to the fine print at the bottom, if you signed up during October and November, there was free travel and accommodation.  That sounds like a deal to me, people might go harvest today if it involved a free trip and place to stay!

For those new to the blog, every Sunday for the last few years, I've tracked down the image of a vintage poster, usually from WWI or WWII, and posted it with a little background.  It's a fascinating glimpse of our history.  If you click on the 'history' label, you can see previous posts.

Back to the farm today, hoping the weather cooperates.

And guess what's coming tomorrow?  The long awaited biscuit recipe post!

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