Monday, June 3, 2013


Well, I might have given up the garden temporarily, but my green thumb, so far anyway, is at least extending to the fruit trees.  I roamed around this weekend checking them out, watering, and looking for signs of stress, and other than the Satsuma that appears to be struggling, the others are doing well.  In fact, several, as documented below, are putting on fruit!

There were several figs on this fig tree, about seven total...

...and then the other fig tree has a couple of large ones growing on it too.

Here is one pomegranate (blurry photo, the wind starting blowing) that is currently going from bloom to fruit.  There are two other flowers on the tree that I hope will do the same soon.

One of the pear trees has put on two large pears...

...and the other one has a nice, large pear growing on it as well.

The apple and plum are both healthy and putting on leaves, the mayhaws have grown about six inches each, and the lemon and lime are hanging in there.  I still have a couple more to purchase to complete the fruit tree plan for our farm.  Then I have the two pecans to get in the ground as soon as I find the right spots for them.  Because of their future extremely large size, I want to put them further away from the house as soon as I get some brush cleared.

OH!  I almost forgot about the olive and the avocado!  Those are in town and doing well in large clay pots.  They might stay in town until the Fall as I'm not really sure where to put those and they require special growing conditions.  I've already planned out spots for the others.

Fingers crossed that they all continue doing well.

Speaking of the garden debacle, I will respond to each of your wonderful comments this week.  I wanted to take the time to respond to each one and ran out of time catching up on the other posts' comments first.
Rest assured that they were all very much appreciated.


Linda Claxson said...

I left my Figs outside all winter and it looks as though they didn't survive :( what variety is yours?
Loving the pears you have growing there, I have my fingers crossed for my own this year.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

there is nothing like eating a fig warmed by the sun fresh from the tree! i lost several trees last winter but have a couple doing very nicely!

1st Man said...

These proved to be fairly resilient. I had them for two winters in containers before I planted them in the ground. Granted we didn't have a hard hard freeze but it was in the upper 20's a few times.

One is a "Celeste Fig" (sometimes known in the South as a Sugar Fig) and the other one is called a "Texas Everbearing Fig".

I went online to our local ag office and found a list of 'best fruit/nut varieties' for our county. All of the trees I've planted have been on the list.

Hope that helps!!!

1st Man said...

OMG, aren't figs wonderful? I keep telling 2nd Man if we get a good crop, I want him to figure out a homemade fig newtons recipe, LOL.

Hope your trees make it through.

Velva said...

Yea! Your fruit trees are rocking. My fig tree is about 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The figs are coming in and I am loving it. My satsuma is struggling too, and my pomegranate has no fruit (sigh)...What s rocking is the persimmon for a young tree it really produces.

1st Man said...

So far so good! Not sure about the satsuma's huh? That's weird. I know people that have huge satsumas and I was so hoping. Still hoping I suppose. Do you know I've never eaten a persimmon? And there is a variety that grows well here. It was on my list but I just never got one. Hmmm, now you have me curious...I might should try that. Thanks for the suggestion!!

thecookslife said...

I am sooooo jealous of your beautiful fruit trees. And pecans some day! We have no room in our suburban yard for fruit trees. Maybe some day, if a tree dies, we can put some in.... I hate to wish for a tree to die! ;) Enjoy that fruit!

thecookslife said...

You might want to try a persimmon before you take the time and effort to grow the tree. There is a native variety that grows here in Missouri, and the fruit is certainly an acquired taste. And you can't eat them until after a hard frost. The flavors are hard to describe – fruity, ripe, perfumey, waxy and like no other fruit I have ever had. It is not a subtle tasting fruit. :) I'm not sure how other varieties taste, but I assume they are similar. My parents love them. I'm not so sure.

Star In the Sky said...

I love your fig trees mine made like 7 fig last years this year it was almost full suddenly like week later they became yellow shrinks and came off the tree!!!