Sunday, June 9, 2013


It starts with darkening skies...

Then you can see the rain coming in the distance...

And finally it opens up and washes out your plans...

Didn't get hardly anything done outside at the farm this weekend.  I mowed about half an acre before the rain started Saturday.  Then we hoped that this morning it would be clear but as you can see above, it was not, in fact, today was worse than yesterday.  So, we did some projects inside that we needed to do and then came back into town.

Of course, I look at the upside...I didn't need to water the fruit trees!


  1. Would love to trade you my 100+ sunshine for a little bit of that rain. Love that your countryside is still green and lush.

    1. I sure wish we can figure out a way to make it rain where we need it, wouldn't that solve so many problems in the world? Definitely green and lush. Now two summers ago, oh my gosh, it was brown, crispy and I wasn't sure if it would ever come back. Nature sure is resilient. We are due for 99 degrees this coming weekend. Ugh.

  2. 1st Man,

    Rain is better than tornadoes!
    The bright side like you mentioned, you don't have to water the garden.

    Is that a Fiat? I love those little cars:-)

    1. Yes, definitely better (and so glad y'all are ok up there, but thoughts with so many of those who didn't escape it). I've had some thoughts about a storm shelter down here, there have been some tornadoes in the area historically and of course we have our hurricane season. But let's just hope we all have only rain for the rest of the year and no bad storms!

      You are very observant. Yep, that's my little Fiat. Bought it last November I guess. I love it, my most favorite car I've ever had. 2nd Man has a Jeep Grand Cherokee so we have the room when we need it but when heading to the farm, we try to take the Fiat for the great MPG's. It's not exactly a 'farm vehicle' but I still love it, ha.


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