Saturday, June 8, 2013


Yellow wildflowers
On the far back corner of the property, I found some color while I was mowing, growing wild of course!  These yellow wildflowers would be awesome if they'd just randomly grow all around the house, but alas, nature just doesn't work like that does it?  The rest of the day was rained out.

Second attempt on Sunday!


  1. Beautiful! Have you thought about transplanting a few close to your house. Maybe they will return next year.

  2. Beautiful yellow. Wish we could have some of that rain. It's been awhile & the desert is looking like moonscape.

  3. If they produce seed you can collect and plant where you want.

  4. you may have mowed over them before you knew what it was, collect some of the seeds and put closer to the house in an area you don't mow.

  5. better yet, wait until fall and dig some up and transplant them where you want them!


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